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Jobs offering ‘weekly bank holidays’ see surge in popularity

by LLB Reporter
24th Aug 23 12:54 pm

New data has revealed a huge surge in demand for roles that come with 4-day working weeks – a flexible working benefit which effectively offers staff “year-round bank holidays.”

The research was conducted by Flexa – the platform where every flexible company gets discovered – who analysed the role preferences of over 25,441 job seekers between June 2022 and July 2023. 

The platform has seen a surge in demand for 4-day weeks (where employees work one day less per week with no reduction in pay) over the last 12 months, with the number of workers searching for companies that offer a 4-day working week rising by 38%. This follows the start of the UK’s 4-day week trial in June 2022.

In July 2023 alone, almost half (47%) of all job seekers were searching for a 4-day working week. Other types of reduced working weeks are also proving increasingly popular, with over a third (36%) of workers searching for roles that offer 4.5-day weeks in July.

The findings come as big corporates like Amazon and Zoom clamp down on flexibility. However, despite big employers focusing on getting staff back to the office, demand for reduced working hours and flexibility continues to grow.

The UK’s 4-day week trial reports improved staff wellbeing and reduced sick days, as well as increased productivity. Its success has even been cited in support of a new Parliamentary Bill, which is lobbying to reduce the maximum working week to 32 hours – or, a 4-day week.

Molly Johnson-Jones, co-founder and CEO of Flexa Careers said, “UK workers usually get 8 bank holidays a year. So, if a business can make a 4-day week work, why shouldn’t they? Research clearly shows that 4-day weeks improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

“And at Flexa we hear from people all the time who are happier and healthier for having more time to spend on themselves or with families and friends – without falling behind on life admin and chores. 

“Increased demand for reduced working weeks makes total sense, and plenty of employers can see this. Atom Bank, Hydrogen Group and JBM are just a few of the companies who are embracing 4-day weeks. Not everyone will join them. But increased awareness of different kinds of flexibility means increased opportunities for businesses to find new ways of working that work better for them and their teams – and that can only be a good thing.” 

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