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Is there a reason why desk chairs have five wheels?

by John Saunders
30th May 22 2:57 pm

Desk chairs with wheels, office desk chairs, and grey desk chairs by UX Office are specifically intended to ensure a neutral posture and enough support when working long hours in the office. Although they are generally more expensive than other types of office chairs, they save you money in the long term since many are particularly intended to avoid problems including cervical spondylosis, poor blood circulation, back discomfort, and bad posture. You can get these chairs at

In 1976, William Stumpf invented the first ergonomic chair, Ergon. Unlike other office chairs of the time, it was designed to provide both comfort and support. It included features such as height adjustment and spine support.

“Why do ergonomic chairs have five wheels?” is a question that many people have.

For a number of reasons, ergonomic chairs, electric standing desks, standing desks, adjustable standing desks such as the ones offered by Oplan, feature five wheels. Stability, ergonomics, and beauty are examples of these. Above all, it is because it is cost-effective.

If you’re looking for an in-depth explanation of why ergonomic chairs have five wheels, this article is for you. There are seven reasons why ergonomic chairs have five wheels.


The first reason sturdy office ergonomic chairs often have five wheels is for stability. When used on hard surfaces or carpets, the five wheels provide more points of contact with the ground, resulting in more stability.

Stability is essential if you spend a lot of time sitting on your workplace chair. You don’t want a chair that sags as you move your weight to the front or rear of the seat. As a result, the five wheels allow you to adjust your body weight at any place on the chair seat without worrying about toppling over.

Nothing is more vital than having a solid office ergonomic chair at work.

Moving through carpets and tiles is simple.

There aren’t many offices where you don’t have to transfer chairs from one part of the workplace to another. When you utilise legged chairs instead of wheeled chairs, it is practically hard to adjust the chair (unless you stand up from the chair, pick it up and place it at another spot).

With wheeled chairs, you can remain seated while moving across the room with no effort. It is simpler to manoeuvre through carpets and tiles with five wheels. It requires less effort than dragging them over surfaces, and they can relocate anywhere in the office in seconds.

When repositioned on a carpet or floor, chairs with less than five wheels frequently tumble over. As a result, five wheels are chosen so that seats might adjust without jeopardising stability.


 A five-wheeled ergonomic office chair has a modern, sleek appearance that may make people more comfortable working in the environment. They also allow you to personalise your appearance!

Save space

Chairs with four legs take up more floor space than chairs with five legs, which means they may be put side by side or even one on top of another without causing any problems.

Weight loss

 A chair with five wheels is lighter than one with four or three wheels because the extra wheel in front relieves pressure on your back and shoulders, making it easier to move around.

The chair’s dimensions

In this case, three wheels instead of five wheels would imply that the leg length of an office ergonomic chair would reduce to save room.

If your seat just had two legs, it would be almost twice as long as a chair with five legs for a more appropriate weight distribution over four legs.

As a result of having five wheels in an ergonomic chair, we may have more compact and smarter office ergonomic chairs that are suitable for most offices.


Although the chair would have been more stable with six wheels, it would have been more expensive to manufacture. Similarly, three wheels would have been less costly but less stable. Experts believe that five wheels provide the ideal mix between stability and cost-effectiveness.

 What function do the five wheels of your ergonomic chair play?

  1. The first wheel is for the back of the vehicle.
  2. The second wheel is intended for your neck.
  3. The third wheel is there to prevent you from rolling backwards.
  4. The fourth wheel secures the chair and prevents it from moving.
  5. Finally, the fifth wheel prevents you from rolling ahead – it also has a brake so that it doesn’t roll about all over the floor when you’re not using it!

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