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Increase your sales after lockdown

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14th Jul 20 10:07 am

Many businesses have suffered a sharp downturn due to COVID-19 crisis. Now that the government is easing the restrictions and more stores are reopening, it is time to think how to lure digitally-adapted customers back into stores.

However, many experts think that retailers will have to prioritise social distancing and hygiene measures, which are of high importance to consumers but can be quite overwhelming for businesses. Due to lockdown, many consumers have already turned to online shopping solutions. The survey by LEK Consulting shows that there is a 35% growth in ecommerce sales as opposed to the period before the outbreak.

The shift in consumer behaviour is unlikely to change overnight because people are either worried about catching the virus or concerned about going to crowded areas. Nearly half of consumers around the world will prefer to shop online instead of going to a local shop, according to GlobalWebIndex’s ninth release of its coronavirus research. Therefore, shoppers will need more reason than ever to visit shops.

Is online the future of retailing?

Taking into account behavioural patterns during lockdown, businesses will have to operate in an online space even if they have not done so before. Going online will be crucial for surviving and increasing sales post-lockdown.

However, there are products that require a personal approach for customers to experience the products and see them with their own eyes, not just in the pictures.

Here comes a tool that you can use to boost your sales online by making sales more human. Eyezon allows in-person-like communication between the customer and the in-store consultant via live video broadcasts.

How does Eyezon help businesses?

Eyezon is bridging this digital gap with the magic of live video streams, coupled with a smooth and seamless experience for both users.

“The tool allows you to easily integrate Eyezon and turn the service into a conversion tool. In a market overfilled with similar products and multiple competitors, a personal approach will set you apart from the competition,” says Maria Tikhonova, COO and Director of Brand relations.

It is a button that customers click to send a request for a video. After that, they will see a pop-up message with some text and a countdown timer, which indicates how long until the consultant connects. All is done within the browser, where customers are able to watch, engage, and experience the product they are viewing. Customers can also interact with the consultant using voice communication, text, and audio messages.

Such companies as Panasonic, De’Longhi, Kenwood and many others are already using Eyezon and helping their sales grow. Do not let competitors be ahead of you, try Eyezon today.


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