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If ‘the cabinet had any balls they would go in and tell’ Boris Johnson ‘to go’ as the damage he has done is ‘terminal’

7th Jun 22 3:23 pm

A Tory MP has demanded that the “Cabinet ought to step in” and oust Boris Johnson as the damage that has been inflicted over his premiership is “terminal.”

The Prime Minister is also facing demands to cull his entire Cabinet after he suffered the blow in votes of confidence than Margret Thatcher and Theresa May inflicted in their premiership, which saw May ousted within six months.

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A government Minister warned Johnson that it is now “game on” for a leadership contest before Christmas.

The Minister said, “We will have a new party leader by the party conference in October.

“The result in the two upcoming by-elections will help us scrub off the other 32 votes we need.

“But if the cabinet had any balls they would go in and tell him to go.”

Johnson has been deeply wounded by Monday evenings vote of confidence and Troy rebels have made it clear they will not stop in their calls for him to go.

Veteran MP Sir Roger Gale said that Johnson has now “lost the support of a significant portion of his party” and should reconsider his position.

Sir Roger warned that over the “severely damaging” result, he will not be “surprised if the Prime Minister is still in Downing Street in the autumn.”

Tobias Ellwood, Conservative chairman of the Commons defence committee, warned that the Prime Minister will only survive for “a matter of months.”

Philip Dunne, former Minister and current Chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee, warned Johnson still faces “very choppy waters” which will be “difficult to navigate for anyone.”

Another MP who submitted a no-confidence letter told The Independent, “He’s finished. The cabinet ought to step in.”

Another MP said the damage done to his leadership is “terminal,” whilst Julian Sturdy MP said Johnson should “consider his position” as he “no longer enjoys the full-hearted confidence of the parliamentary party.”

Prominent critic of Johnson, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, suggested it is impossible to unite the party after yesterday’s vote.

“The residual concerns from across the party will continue to remain,” he added.

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