Home Business News Hoyle blasts Boris after mob targeted Starmer as ‘words have consequences’ and demands police security review

Hoyle blasts Boris after mob targeted Starmer as ‘words have consequences’ and demands police security review

by LLB Politics Reporter
8th Feb 22 1:05 pm

The Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lyndsay has hit out at Boris Johnson over his Jimmy Savile slur against and said that “our words have consequences” as the Labour leader was mobbed on Monday.

This comes as the Prime Minister falsely claimed to MPs in the Commons that Sir Keir, who is the former director of public prosecutions was responsible for Jimmy Savile who was a child sex offender not being brought to justice.

Sir Keir who was knighted for his work as a lawyer at Buckingham Palace was accused by Johnson of using “his time prosecuting journalists and failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile.”

The Speaker condemned the crowd that mobbed Sir Keir over their “disgraceful behaviour” which was directed at the Labour leader and the Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy.

Police raced to protect the two Labour MPs and bundled them both into an awaiting police car for their safety back to the Commons.

Sir Lyndsay told MPs in the Commons on Tuesday, “I deplore the fact that members of this House were subjected to intimidating and threatening behaviour while simply doing their jobs.

“I know the whole House will join me in saying that we stand with our colleagues in condemning the behaviour they and the police experienced.

“While I do not comment in detail on security matters on the floor of the chamber, steps must be in place to keep passholders secure as they enter and leave the parliamentary estate.

“I have requested a situation report from the Metropolitan Police via our security team on how this incident occurred.”

The Speaker of the House added, “I know it has been reported that some abuse was directed at the leader of the Opposition yesterday related to claims made by the Prime Minister in this chamber.

“But regardless of yesterday’s incident, I made it clear last week that while the prime minister’s words were not disorderly they were inappropriate.

“As I said then, these sorts of comments only inflame opinions and generate disregard for the House and it is not acceptable.

“Our words have consequences and we should always be mindful of the fact.”

Johnson has continued to fail to apologise for his false claims and wrote on Twitter, “The behaviour directed at the Leader of the opposition tonight is absolutely disgraceful.

“All forms of harassment of our elected representatives are completely unacceptable. I thank the police for responding swiftly.”

Tory MP Julian Smith, Theresa May’s former chief whip, called for Boris Johnson to apologise for the slur and withdraw his remarks about Sir Keir Starmer.

Smith tweeted, “What happened to Keir Starmer tonight outside parliament is appalling.

“It is really important for our democracy and for his security that the false Savile slurs made against him are withdrawn in full.”

The Metropolitan Police said that two people were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood echoed Smith’s plea saying, “PM- apologise please. We claim to be the Mother of all Parliaments.

“Let’s stop this drift towards a Trumpian style of politics from becoming the norm. We are better than this.”

Labour MPs showed their support for Sir Keir Starmer following the ambush by protestors.

Kim Leadbeater took to Twitter and wrote, “I’m incredibly angry & upset by the scenes we saw yesterday.

“I keep thinking about Keir & David’s families & friends. But these things don’t just happen. Words have consequences, leaders have a duty to behave responsibly & politics is not a game.

“Our country deserves far better.”

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