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How to nurture culture during a business transformation

by Jason Downes, MD of PowWowNow
2nd Oct 18 12:35 pm

Going through a business transformation can be a time-consuming experience but one that is also very exciting. If employees are not kept up-to-date with what is happening it can feel as though this evolution is completely out of their hands, with dramatic changes occurring imminently in their place of work. However, it’s easy to minimise the risk of this taking place by ensuring your staff continue to feel valued and by putting a strategy in place which aims to nurture company culture. From motivating your team to facilitating an emotional connection within the workplace, here, I outline some key ways to nurture your culture during a business transformation.


Initially when announcing a business transformation to staff, it’s important to explain why the organisation has made the decision to rebrand and the impact you hope it to have. If employees are aware of the motivations and are kept in the loop when it comes to updates and announcements, they’re more likely to take an interest in the business journey and feel a part of the team. Transformations shouldn’t divide a company, rather they should bring staff and management together, breaking boundaries and creating a closer-knit team.

Motivate your team

Motivation can come in many different forms. Ensuring your business is a pleasant place to work is of utmost importance and will help when it comes to further nurturing your culture. For employees, knowing their workplace cares about them really is key to motivation. However, there are plenty of other propositions you could also consider, such as team lunches, treats, financial incentives and extra holiday. Another valuable way to motivate your team is through smarter working hours. Now, 30 per cent of British office workers say they would prefer the option to work flexibly over a pay rise, which shows how invaluable this option is to staff.

Employee involvement

Business transformation provides a fantastic opportunity to bring staff together, celebrating both the success of the company and the employees that make it. By involving your workers in the decision-making process of the rebrand, employees know that their opinions are valued, and their voices have been heard. Plus, they are likely to share an honest and informed assessment of the transformation, helping you to mould the rebrand in ways that you might not have considered before. So much of a business transformation, or rebrand, is based on the core values of your company, so what better way to gather genuine insight to help inform the process than from those who know the business best.

Emotional connection

An emotional connection among staff and managers is crucial for any business, but particularly when it comes to an organisation which is going through a period of change. For example, without trust a business will not run as effectively or smoothly, and the way for this to be built is through developing an emotional connection with all members of the team. As a leader, showing your respect for the company’s heritage, even though you may not have been a part of its inception, is one way to build an emotional connection with your employees. It’s vital to show that even though the business may be transforming, the core values and beliefs still stand.

Overarchingly, employees understand that in today’s highly competitive business environment things must change and adapt in order to survive. Showing that business transformation is taking place for a valid reason, involving your employees and discussing what you hope to achieve won’t go unnoticed when it comes to nurturing your company culture. In fact, it might just be the process which strengthens your company, enabling it to thrive and reach the heights it never has before.

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