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How to get customers for the online B2B marketplace?

by John Saunders
21st Jun 22 4:12 pm

The time had long passed when it was possible to create some helpful service and wait for people to find it themselves and start using it. Nowadays, companies spend a lot of effort, time, and money on finding new customers, engaging them, and collecting feedback.

B2B (business-to-business) online marketplaces sell goods and services primarily to businesses rather than individuals like B2C. B2B sales are often more complex than B2C sales, with higher-order values and longer sales cycles.

The main tactic of B2B e-сommerce combines increasing sales, attracting customers, and retaining existing ones. In the article, we will talk about how to build a B2B marketplace that helps you thrive. For this, you should find out how to increase the number of regular customers and sales.

The following effective strategies we collected will help you attract customers to your B2B marketplace.

Let’s look closely at each of them.

1. Implement an SEO strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an effective marketing strategy for any enterprise. It aims to make the website appear first on the search engine results page. So, as many visitors as possible come to this platform.

To rank higher in search engines, use target keywords according to the type of your business. By the way, don’t forget to optimise local search keywords.

It is also essential to have a mobile-optimised web solution for ranking higher in Google.

Notably, today most of the traffic is obtained from mobile devices. So, the importance of mobile-friendly marketplace platforms has grown many times.

Moreover, don’t forget about the website’s technical optimisation (interlinking, loading speed, Core Web Vitals) and external optimisation (links to trusted resources). Also, be sure that the content matches the request intent.

2. Deliver a more personalised customer experience

Typically, customers of B2B e-commerce have less time and higher expectations than B2C customers. They need multi-factor personalisation.

Based on requirements and purchasing power, divide new buyers into groups. Use the functionality of the client data processing platform. Thus, you create a standard portrait of the B2B client.

A client portrait describes a typical company that could buy your services or products. They face certain types of problems and have enough resources to pay for your solution.

At this stage, you need to understand what kind of business you will offer services to:

  • What activities these companies are engaged in?
  • What scale they are (in terms of number and financial indicators)?
  • Where are they placed?
  • What are their common characteristics?

Personalised content can be made based on customers’ fields of activity and preferences.

You can also use customer data processing algorithms to analyse information about your regular customers. This way, you will be able to recommend the products or services that suit them best. This approach will show businesses that they made the right decision by starting using your marketplace.

Also, it is essential to build customer trust and confidence.

What best connects the marketplace platform and the client? Surely, it is trust.

Open and transparent interaction with potential and regular customers will ensure their trust. So, how to achieve this? For example, you can publish product reviews from satisfied clients. It is essential to stick to a delivery schedule and offer a transparent work policy to ensure that every touch point with your business makes your customers happy.

A good solution would be a manager who will guide each corporate client. They will solve problems that arise and advise.

Furthermore, appreciate the feedback from your clients, be careful about protecting user data, and strive to give positive experiences. In the B2B sector, try to give positive emotions from working with your website. This is the best way to engage new customers and keep existing ones.

3. Motivate customers to stay in your B2B marketplace

Good motivation in the B2B segment positively affects the purchase likelihood. For new customers, the motivation may be the exclusive discounts at the start, referral bonuses, or participation in contributory programs.

Regular customers need to be rewarded for spreading the information about your web solution on social networks, returning for a new purchase, and leaving positive reviews on the website.

Thus, to increase sales in the B2B marketplace, you will need to increase the loyalty of regular B2B customers and attract new buyers.

4. Create a solid customer support

Enable your customers to get support for any issue they may face on your marketplace. This way, you will improve platform-user relationships and offer a smooth customer experience.

At the same time, if you fail to address customers’ requests, they may leave your platform and turn to the competitors.

It is essential to solve problems, answer questions, and demonstrate the goods and services’ benefits to customers. So, you can implement any channels that allow you to contact them as quickly as possible. These may include:

  • online chats,
  • chatbots,
  • email,
  • interactive website support.

For example, on the Alibaba B2B marketplace, purchasers and sellers receive great customer support. Alibaba’s service team always assists users if they face website challenges.

Source: Alibaba.com

5. Use thematic groups, forums, and communities

Each industry has its own thematic resources where business representatives share their experience or advise end customers. Such resources can be a good source of B2B clients. However, for this, you must be ready to demonstrate your expertise in this sphere and earn trust.

Undoubtedly, working with the audience will take time. You need to answer questions in the comments on your website and forums and communicate in private messages. Perhaps, you may have to hire a person for this. By hiring an assistant, you should expect additional costs.

In general, the total investment depends on the industry and the complexity of the challenges discussed. However, with the right approach, this method of attracting customers will work quite well.

By building your company’s reputation as an expert, you will be able to attract more and more new customers at a minimal cost.

Depending on the topic and audience, you can assess this approach’s effectiveness in a month or a year. You can measure the effectiveness by the number of customers who came from the thematic site.


We have considered the most efficient user acquisition techniques. In general, your B2B marketplace platform should have an understandable and simple user interface. It should offer a convenient, attractive catalog and accompany all of the customer’s actions at every stage.

Actually, B2B sales are not as tricky as they seem. But you need to have the proper strategies and apply them as usefully as possible. That will assist you in attracting more customers to your B2B marketplace platform.

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