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How to ensure your offline business growth? Four ideas for various industries

by John Saunders
19th Aug 21 9:40 am

While there are certainly a lot of benefits to be gained from going all-in on your digital marketing efforts to build your online presence, this is not the only thing you should be doing as a business owner.

Indeed there are still a variety of ways to gain traction through offline strategies, so here are just a few of the savviest ways to generate momentum for your company in this context.

Innovate in-store with digital solutions

One common mistake is to think that the digital realm and the physical outlets you operate have to be kept separate, when in reality there should be a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.

For example, if you run a restaurant or bar, you could harness Untappd for business in order to provide digital beer menus to customers, which they can not only access while they are on-site, but also while they are browsing your offerings online.

It is the flexibility and immediacy of digital services like this that makes them especially conducive to an improvement in the customer experience, and in turn this will bolster the reputation of your company locally and make it seem more forward-thinking and dynamic, for minimal upfront cost.

Network locally & attend trade shows

In business, as in most areas of life, it is important to get to know the right people. The more you network in your area, the better acquainted you will become with the movers and shakers of the business scene, which in turn could open up exciting avenues further down the line, as well as avoid potential clashes and conflicts.

Likewise you can also network effectively at trade shows that relate to your business, as there is really only so much you can do to develop relationships with prospective clients and partners digitally; eventually a face to face meeting will be needed, and this type of event is the perfect low-pressure scenario for just such a get-together.

Consider product giveaways & free trials

Another excellent way to ensure your business can experience ongoing growth is to win over new customers through the carefully calculated use of freebies.

How you implement this type of tactic will depend on the industry you occupy and the nature of the product or service you supply.

For example, if your flagship product is too expensive to justify giving away, you could provide free peripherals as part of the purchase price so that people are incentivized to order.

Work with other businesses locally

Following on from the discussion of the importance of networking, you could find that it is fruitful to partner with other businesses in the local area, perhaps as part of a cross promotional project which will see you recommend one another’s products and services to customers.

Clearly this will only work for businesses that are not in direct competition with one another, but are still going to have overlapping target audiences.

There are many other offline business growth options to consider, but these should get you started down the path to sustainable success.

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