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How the service industry plans to weather the storm of a hard Brexit

1st Aug 18 9:13 am

Amid warnings that a hard Brexit will result in a 4 per cent drop in domestic GDP for Britain, service industry pioneers are adopting mobile devices for the workplace. Their goal: keep costs low and quality high.

Since services make up nearly 80 per cent of Britain’s economy, the rapid adoption of new technology in the coming years could mitigate the uncertainties of a market in flux. Inspection software like Form.com, which eliminates paperwork and controls the costly variables of internal audits, is accessed by devices employees already own.

Form.com is a customisable data capture platform developed with offline functionality at the forefront. It integrates seamlessly with a company’s existing IT infrastructure to provide a robust form creation suite, task management, automated workflow, and business intelligence dashboard.

Considering the ubiquity of mobile phones – a recent Statistia poll shows that 77 per cent of Britons have a smartphone – it’s natural that “bring your own device” initiatives are becoming commonplace.

Mobile inspection software has already been demonstrably proven to benefit employee knowledge, brand consistency, and operational excellence. But spreading a consistent message can be tough, especially when service companies are constantly expanding.

Unlike a cleverly-edited episode of Kitchen Nightmares, identifying problems and implementing corrections in the service industry goes beyond the surface level. For real-world enterprises, it takes tremendous resources to organize, coordinate, and initiate programs– even ones as seemingly simple as a new promotional offer.

Maintaining open communication through mobile technology helps them ensure that every employee at every service is always up-to-date and on the same page with HQ. It also means it’s easier to help employees understand and enact the company vision with every consumer interaction.

That kind of consistency really matters to clients. Whether they’re coupon-cutting pensioners or tech-savvy IT pros, patrons of the UK’s service companies care about their experience.

For example, if you’ve ever scheduled a service visit at an Apple Genius Bar, you’ve been greeted with a warm, personalized welcome the moment you walk in the door. Whether you’re in Aberdeen or Southampton, you’ve probably also noticed their enthusiasm for tech evangelism that invites you into their slick world where everyone is a genius.

It’s the same wherever you are because of Apple’s “secret sauce” to employee behaviour: the A in Apple stands for Approach, and it’s what drives the initial part of the experience. That feeling makes clients feel welcome and cared for even if they’ve travelled for hours just to have their iPad restored.Apple employees aren’t salespeople; they’re brand ambassadors. The product they offer is intangible. Clients trust brands with a consistently clear identity. And in the services industry, trust is everything.

Trust builds client loyalty, which is worth ten times as much as a single purchase. When brand consistency leads, steady profits will follow. Unless companies audit for brand consistency on a regular basis, they can never really be sure that each location is living up to its promise.

That said, cutting-edge mobile inspection software goes beyond auditing employees and correcting behaviour on-the-spot. It also incorporates comprehensive business intelligence tools that share the information inspectors gather with employees. Not only do on-location workers receive the resources they need to represent their company better, they also see why certain decisions are made and why specific procedures are in place.

Though the future of Britain’s economy lies in the balance, service industry companies with distributed operations can increase the likelihood that each outlet delivers quality experiences, impeccable service, and a consistently premium client experience by adopting mobile solutions for their enterprises.


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