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How Alex Jeffreys built an online marketing empire

by LLB Reporter
25th Oct 17 3:10 pm

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The story of the man who has helped more startup entrepreneurs succeed than anyone else in internet marketing history is full of misfortunes turned into opportunities.

If you are an ardent follower of online marketing, you likely have heard about Alex Jeffreys or used one of his products. The online market guru has taken over internet marketing and sales worldwide, but his path getting there has been anything but smooth.

It isn’t often that 11-year-olds are referred to as the sole breadwinners of families.

From the moment his father was incarcerated, Alex Jeffreys developed a sense of responsibility and was keen to take charge of turning his family’s fortune around.

A surprise phone call from his father sealed the deal. Jeffreys’ father told the 11-year-old boy that he was now the man of the house, and it was on him to take care of his mother.

It is easy to imagine the burden of responsibility that was on young Alex’s shoulders.

As years passed, despite his concerted efforts to try and make ends meet, Alex found himself buried under a heap of credit card debt. He was bankrupt and filled with despair, almost completely losing hope in life. For more than 4 years, Alex struggled to get out of debt and turn a new leaf in life, but it seemed like the harder he tried, the deeper he fell into the bankruptcy abyss.

The big turnaround

At the age of 24, Alex Jeffreys decided to give the dice a final throw and ventured into the importation business. He gambled by starting a motorbikes importation business, shipping motorbikes into the United Kingdom from China and selling them on eBay. At a time when the love for high-end bikes was blooming in Europe, it was only a matter of time before Alex Jeffreys’ business picked up.

Thanks to clever marketing strategies and his frugal expenditure of resources, Alex Jeffreys was raking in 6 figures from his business within the first year. He cleared his credit card debts and expanded his business even further. His hard work and risk-taking had finally paid off—and big time.

Alex attributes his early success to the sense of responsibility he had over his head. The thought of letting his mother, father, wife, and son down was just unfathomable to him and this fueled him to work even harder.

The birth of ‘Marketing With You’

Because he had undergone a lot of hardship in his struggle up the slippery ladder rungs, Alex Jefferys felt it was only right to help others have an easier ascent to the top than he did.

After experiencing huge financial success through using his own developed business strategies, Alex began thinking how he could teach others how to make money as well. He quickly realized that if he could teach others to make money he would be much more prosperous himself.

“If I can make money, you can money,” he said. “But I figured out if you can teach others to make money, you can make 10 times the money.”

The thought of having thousands of apprentices and his own family depending on him pushed him to become smarter and avoid making mistakes in life. He debuted into the coaching scene with his first publication “Easy Private Auctions,” which was a guide on how to make money on eBay—a stomping ground he had already conquered.

Thousands of people bought the publication and spread the word about how valuable its content was. Eventually he had over $100K in book sales, and this prompted him to publish yet another marketing strategy book called “Post Launch Profits.”

Alex Jeffreys further expanded his email marketing business because people were increasingly starting to probe him since they were trying to learn from the master himself. The email subscriptions together with book sales earned him a lot of money.

His first dynasty had only begun and more was yet to come.

His interaction with ambitious online marketers willing to learn the trade only led to more subscriptions, so he decided to continue publishing more helpful books. A lot of people were emotionally invested in his coaching program. His flagship coaching program initially cost $500 a month and saw more than 600 subscribers. Owing to the massive success of this program, more people subscribed and his earnings continued to soar.

Marketing With You, his latest company, started becoming a force to reckon with in the online marketing space and earned Alex Jeffreys a reputation for success. Today, he has more than 5 marketing and sales funneling programs which are helping millions of people build their online businesses.

The 11-year-old who was once bound by the shackles of too much responsibility and layers of debt beat all the odds and became an inspiring icon in the online marketing world.

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