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Home working is here to stay, despite government pleas

by LLB Editor
8th Sep 20 7:37 am

A new survey from HomeWorkingClub has served to highlight the long-term nature of people’s commitment to working from home.

The global home working portal reports that 37.80% of those who don’t currently work freelance or remotely plan to change their industry in the next year in order to do so. 29.13% of respondents also say that they would change employer in order to be able to work more from home.

It seems that those who can’t stay at home to stay safe with their current roles/employers are planning to take matters into their own hands. A report by academics at Cardiff and Southampton universities backs this up, finding that nine in ten of those who worked from home during lockdown want to carry on doing so in some form.

Ben Taylor, Founder, HomeWorkingClub, said: “These figures deliver a conclusive verdict. People want to continue working from home. Governments can fret about the economy all day long, but people will put self-preservation first. They won’t put it all aside to save identikit city centres with a Starbucks on every corner.”


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