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Hiring a mobile bar service: Here’s what you need to know

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5th Jul 21 12:41 pm

At one point in our lives, we host an event that requires serving our friends and relatives or guests foods and drinks. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or garden bar bash, you will need a top-notch mobile bar hire company that delivers memorable services.

While there is no shortage of companies in the UK offering mobile bar hire services, their quality isn’t the same. You will need an experienced bartenders for hire that can live up to the expectation. Delivering a seamless, high-quality mobile bar for high-volume events is no walk in the park. However, we have put together a list of the most important things you need to take into account when choosing a professional bartender.

Consider the size of your event

Out of the hundreds of companies that provide mobile bar hire services, there are only a few ones that can be relied on to deliver quality service at volume. The reason this is crucial is that an event bar tends to fall apart for several reasons. These include poor management, incorrect stock levels, low staff number, and substandard drink quality. Make sure that you receive the right pieces of advice from your bartender for hire. If you do not feel completely confident ahead of the event, chances are that there will be problems.

Experience is critical

All the events companies you choose should meet a minimum threshold of the experience. Before you put pen to paper, do a little digging to establish the number of years that the said company has been in operation. Also, pay attention to the professionalism of the guy that picks up your phone, and you can deduce this from the way they speak to you or how their website is laid out.

Professionalism is one of the most important things about live events. More importantly, you want a bartender for hire that is experienced in serving the type of events you want to host. This way, they will know exactly what amounts of drinks are needed for 500 guests or 5000 invitees. This experience is crucial to delivering great events.

Consider what sizes, shapes, and styles, of bar, are on offer

This is a critical question and one that gets asked every day. One advantage of mobile bars is the way they enable you to be flexible with regard to the style, shape, and size of your bar.

Know in advance where your bar will be placed- whether it should be outdoors or indoors. Where is it best located in the room? Is it possible to theme the bar and match it with your event’s theme?


At the very least, you should get a minimum of three quotes. And, like in everything else, what you pay for is what you get. Therefore, although you want to operate within the budget, make sure that you pay for the quality service you need to pull your event through.

But do remember that a high-quality bar is more expensive. That is because of the cost of the high professional staffing alcohol, and equipment cost. If you want guaranteed end-to-end service, you have no option but to go for the big guys in the industry.

Whether the staff is provided

Depending on the package you select and the style of your party, the uniformed and professionally trained staff at Bar Brothers Events can be availed to your event. You could also bring your own staff. The advantage of professional mobile bar hire is that they are correctly staffed to provide effective service at your event. In the end, they ensure all guests will be served drinks promptly without waiting for several minutes.

When so you intend to set up and take apart the event?

This usually depends on the type of mobile bar service you select and the requirements. The best day to set up the bar is one day to your party. This early setting enables you to be sure that everything is working like clockwork. Also, it ensures that you are satisfied with how your bar looks visually as well as its size. When it comes to dismantling it, the advice is to do it on the evening after the party. Of course, this depends on your wish, too.

Don’t fall for catering companies doing bars

Sure, there are some caterers that do bars splendidly, so it would be unfair to give them a blanket condemnation. For a catering company, offering mobile bar hire is often a high-value upsell. But, in nearly all the cases, you will pay more than if you just went for a specialist bar provider. That is because the caterer will have to hire event staff, glassware, and all bars. Also, you cannot be guaranteed the same quality as opting for bartender for hire.

There aren’t mobile bar hire providers that include catering into their service package, and that’s for a good reason. It is because they don’t specialise in that. While you might think that it is less of a hassle when you choose a caterer to provide the whole package, it does cost more eventually. Also, the level of service isn’t up to scratch.

Will they tidy up?

A good mobile bar hire cleans all the drinking areas and also maintains them throughout the event. They should bag up all rubbish created from the event and dispose of it as per your wishes. Others will arrange a rubbish collection.

Bar Brothers Events: Your all-inclusive Mobile Bar Hire

If you want a mobile bar hire provider that goes out of the way to satisfy your guests, you only need to contact Bar Brothers Events. We offer a fully stocked and all-inclusive bar. We will handle all matters relating to bars so you are free to attend to enjoy the party. We have well-trained staffs who keep drinks flowing and ensure that no guest complains. Our services are excellent for private, corporate, and weddings that require unlimited drinks. Our bar is fully stocked with premium liquors, wines, beers, spirits, and juices. Teetotalers are also catered for by our array of non-alcoholic cocktails.

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