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Here is the weekend’s round up of the top news in case you missed it

by LLB Reporter
29th Nov 21 8:53 am

The Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said on Sunday it’s going to be a “great Christmas” and defiantly he defended not to reintroduce tighter restrictions.

Javid told Sky News it would be “irresponsible to make guarantees” and the new measures the Prime Minister introduced will “buy us time” so that scientists can assess the new variant.

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The EU’s former chief negotiator Michel Barnier who is the French presidential hopeful has vowed he will rip up the border treaty with the UK and allow all migrants to travel to the UK.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided Emmanuel Macron with a five point plan to tackle the migrant crisis after 27 people drowned in the English Channel trying to get to the UK.

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The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has suggested that if he was Prime Minister he would phase out private healthcare.

In an interview with the BBC’s Political Thinking Podcast he said he would implement a ten year plan for the NHS.

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The Spanish government has announced that all Brits who are unvaccinated will be banned from entering the country which is a popular Christmas holiday destination.

As the spread of the new variant Omicron sweeps across Europe, Brits who are vaccinated will be allowed entry as the UK has recorded two cases of Omicron on Saturday.

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Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has warned that new restrictions cannot be ruled out in the UK as more needs to be learned about the new variant.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have called the new B.1.1.529 variant Omicron which is a “variant of concern” as it has the potential to evade immunity which has been built up by vaccination.


The Prime Minister has said on Saturday afternoon that Omnicon can spread rapidly and could “in part reduce” our vaccines efforts and we need to buy time for our scientists to find out more about this new variant.

He warned, “This variant is spreading around the world.”

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The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) has warned that their front line staff could be left to deal with angry passengers who refuse to wear face masks once it has been made mandatory from Tuesday.

Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, said there needs to be more resources made available to police the use of face coverings, following the Health Secretary Sajid Javid saying it will be made compulsory once again in shops and on public transport.

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Jeremy Clarkson has left his co-host Cheerful Charlie of Amazon’s Prime Clarkson’s Farm “banging his forehead on the table

Clarkson’s land agent who he has nicknamed Cheerful Charlie broke the news to him that he wants to grow spring barley next year as he has invested into a brewery and is set to launch his own lager.

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On 20 November 80,000 rugby fans descended to Twickenham to watch England vs South Africa, now just over a week later all attendees are being asked to take a Covid test.

Omicron was only first identified four days ago, but it could have been in circulation prior to this.

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