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Georgia warned that they are ‘also a target’ of Vladimir Putin as they have NATO and EU ambitions

by LLB staff reporter
12th Apr 22 3:59 pm

Vladimir Putin is eyeing up Georgia as another target and have been warned to prepare for more aggression as they have ambitions to join NATO and the EU.

This week Netgazeti.ge and Accentnews who are Georgian news outlets have been warned by Russia to remove a Russian language article which talks about the Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) said that they have spoken to Netgazeti.ge over their reporting of a killed Russian General.

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Since the 2008 war when Russia invaded Georgia of their “special zone of influence” which separated Moscow from the West, the Georgian government have not had any more diplomatic relations.

Natia Seskuria, an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), warned how similar Georgia’s situation was to what is happening in Ukraine.

Both Georgia and Ukraine were offered NATO and EU membership in 2008 and Seskuria has warned that Georgia has to be prepared for more pressure from Russia to give up on their NATO ambitions.

She told Express.co.uk, “I think Putin sees western aspirations in his neighbourhood, in Georgia, as a threat.

“We have seen a number of examples of this, and unfortunately today Putin has a major leverage over Georgia: 20% of its territories are occupied and there are ongoing tensions such as the border policy that Russia is pushing forward — by that, I mean Russia is trying to push its borders further into Georgia’s territory.

“This is an ongoing threat, and the current situation [in Ukraine] shows that we are never far from the escalation.

“While attention has been shifted on [to] Ukraine, at the same time, Georgia has to be prepared in a way that at some point it may be under pressure to denounce our western aspirations.

“Primarily, I think this will concern NATO membership, because that is more important for Russia, and the military aid that Georgia and Ukraine have been receiving from western NATO countries and its allies are a huge concern for Russia.

“So, in this sense, I think Georgia is also a target.”

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