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Forecasters warns of extreme windchill’s of -16C with treacherous snow and ice and gusts of 40mph expected

by LLB Reporter
1st Dec 21 10:59 am

Forecasters have said that the UK is set for four days of snow which will see temperatures plummet as an extreme windchill will plunge to -16C in the aftermath of Storm Arwen.

Snow is expected on high ground in Scotland today and n Thursday it is expected to be more widespread and could also hit Devon.

Yellow warnings for treacherous snow and ice has been issued by the Met Office for parts of the UK in eastern England on Wednesday night into Thursday.

On Saturday the Met Office said snow could become heavy in places such as the Cairngorms on Saturday with a windchill that could reach as low as -16C on Wednesday into Thursday, according to snow-forecast.com.

The Met Office ’s Stephen Dixon said the weather will be “turning colder” from Wednesday, adding, “Winds will be especially high in exposed coastal areas in the north and north east, with gusts in excess of 40mph expected.

“The cool conditions will see some snow fall in the high ground of the far north, and generally as sleet or rain in low ground.

“That theme continues into Thursday, with a band of rain moving in from the west later in the day.”

A Met Office spokesman said, “These showers will fall as sleet and snow even to low levels at times, mainly away from immediate coasts, with some small accumulations likely.

“1-2 cm of snow may accumulate in parts of northern Scotland and the North York Moors with 2-5 cm across higher ground.”

Netweather Senior forecaster Jo Farrow said there will be “blasts of cold Arctic air, milder interludes, frost and blustery winds and still the chance of more snow but it’s mainly over the hills.”

Farrow added: “It will be a cold day on Thursday with sleet and snow showers for the far north of Scotland, a few clipping north Norfolk, northern counties of Northern Ireland, down through the North Channel to the Isle of Man and over Wales, maybe reaching north Devon.

“The winds do ease through the day and again it turns very cold at night, more frost for Britain.”

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