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Five everyday gadgets we can’t live without

by John Saunders
18th May 22 4:17 pm

As technology became more powerful, society began to notice, and interest in it developed incredibly. Our dependence on technology has increased so much that it is impossible to even imagine our lives with some of the gadgets we use daily. Some may call this an addiction; for some, it is dependence. It can be called whatever we want, but the fact remains the same, we cannot dispense the use of some of the essential gadgets that we use on a daily basis. We are going to talk about these gadgets that we cannot really do without these days one by one below –

1. Smartphone

Modern life is full of hustle and bustle. You may have a hectic schedule loaded with work, meetings, and other important events. You will require something to organise and sort out various aspects of your life. All you need is a smartphone to make your life operate more smoothly and effectively.

A smartphone is the most important gadget you may have these days to aid you with almost everything. You already know how vital they are if you have one. A smartphone has endless functions and capabilities and can be used in many ways. And, if you do not have a smartphone, you are missing out on many things.

A typical mobile phone has only limited functions, but with a smartphone, you get to unleash the power of the internet like no other – from setting important reminders, playing favorite games, shopping online, ordering food, watching movies and web series to working on presentations, video calling friends, and clicking pictures – the list can go on and on.

A smartphone lets you connect through a variety of connecting methods. You can easily visit Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms using your smartphone. You also get access to various innovative and advanced connectivity services, such as Skype and WhatsApp. Because they function through an internet connection and do not require a balance, these calling applications let you save money on your phone calls. So next time when you have to make an international call, you can do it easily for free!

In addition, you may send and receive emails while on the go. When you first set up your smartphone, you will be given a choice to sync an email account. It allows you to check your emails at any time of day.

2. Laptop

Buying a laptop for business, education, or entertainment seems like a no-brainer, given that laptops perform similarly to PCs despite their tiny size. Laptops provide the advantages of both a tablet and desktop, with the portability that a tablet offers and the more memory storage and faster processing units that a desktop has.

A laptop helps you carry your work everywhere you go. You are connected with your colleagues and do not miss out on important meetings. Using a laptop may effortlessly transfer your incomplete work from your phone or other devices. Things may be transmitted from one device to another in seconds using innovative technology like AirDrop. You no longer have to be concerned about your work and data, thanks to Bluetooth, AirDrop, and Pendrives.

You can use a computer everywhere in the house for everything from reading a recipe to surfing the internet. The web camera can be used to video chat with friends and family. You do not need anything other than an internet connection and occasional power supply to charge your laptop.

3. Headphones and earphones

Headphones and earphones have become indispensable elements of our daily lives. They help you escape the noise from your environment and disconnect from the outer world for solace. With headphones and earphones, you can lose yourself in the tunes of your favorite music.

Earphones and headsets are ideal for having a personalised watching or hearing experience without disturbing the people around you. You can plug them into your device, listen to your favorite audiobook, podcast, or melody, or watch your favorite movie or web series with better audio quality.

As technology has changed, the functionalities and appearances of earphones have also undergone significant changes. Now wireless headsets and earphones are in fashion, where a Bluetooth connection is vital to connect your device to your audio device. For Apple users, AirPods are the trendiest earphones in the market today. It only requires a Bluetooth connection to function. If you misplace your AirPods, there are ways of finding lost AirPods.

4. Smartwatches

Watches are no longer limited to telling you the time and date. Smartwatches have taken over these traditional watches and have many benefits for users. A smartwatch can assist you in meeting your fitness goals. So, if you are thinking of getting a fitness tracker, a decent smartwatch can take its place.

It can track your steps, calories, sleep, pulse rate, distance walking, heart rate, pulse rate, etc. The majority of them offer a “Find Phone” option. You may link it to your phone or any other device and use your smartwatch to ring your phone. You can receive your call and message notifications on the watch. Some powerful smartwatches even allow you to receive calls. Many of them are waterproof, which makes them more durable.

5. Tablet

Tablets are as portable as laptops and as functional as smartphones. They are compact but offer bigger screens than smartphones. They can operate all the functions of both laptops and smartphones. You can use it to connect with your colleagues, family, and friends or do your official work. You can use it for video calls, emails, text messaging, watching videos, playing games, etc.!

You can download your e-books and read them comfortably as the screen has just the right size. The best thing about it is that a tablet is much more affordable than a laptop. You get almost all the functions of a laptop here. Tablets are touch screens which make them more lucrative to handle.


Technology has grown into a more complicated and diversified system than ever. The enormous effect of technology on our daily lives may be perceived in various ways. As technology advances beyond its infancy, it gets more sophisticated, influencing practically every aspect of human existence. Some gadgets have made our lives easier in many ways. The aforementioned gadgets have made our daily activities more manageable, more effective, and more efficient.

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