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Five essential tips for businesses looking to expand internationally

by John Saunders
1st Dec 21 5:28 pm

When a company reaches a point where it can start seriously thinking about expanding, it is a time for celebration. This is a sign of growth, a sign of success and a sign that things are going in a positive direction. And while the expansion will have its list of challenges, business owners can prepare themselves to deal with them. So, what happens if the expansion plans are on an international scale? If you have plans of expanding your business internationally, some essential tips are unique to this type of growth.

Adapt your marketing efforts

Your business probably has a whole host of marketing and advertising techniques that have proven useful here at home, but that doesn’t mean they will garner the same results internationally. It’s important to know your customer and the culture of where you plan to expand so you can tweak your marketing message and efforts. You want to set up a positive and strong brand image, so that will require market research in advance. It can be helpful to work with a local advertising firm at least in the early days to help get your business off on the right path and do thorough market research.

Employ translation agencies

Planning to expand internationally also means you may be dealing with some language barriers. Because communication is vital in business, language mustn’t act as a barrier, which is why it’s smart to use a professional translation agency. For example, Global Voices is a translation company that will break down the language barriers and offer such services as interpretation face-to-face, over the telephone or through video conference. The translation agency also offers proofreading, transcription, document translation, desktop publishing and more. You want to be able to conduct your business smoothly and seamlessly without any obstacles such as a language barrier in the way.

Are you familiar with the regulatory and compliance rules in place?

As you enter into a new market, you also need to familiarise yourself with the local regulatory and compliance rules and regulations. This can be quite overwhelming as it can feel like everything is different. These issues can’t be swept under the rug though – your business needs to be compliant.

Research the local competition

Just as you would do here at home, competition research should be done. What are the local businesses that will be competing in the same space as you? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Is there a market share that is currently untapped? How can you position your business as unique?

Hire experienced and skilled staff

The final tip is to take the same effort you would here at home when it comes to hiring staff. You’ll want experienced and skilled staff as the face of your business so you can depend on them to get the job done and take the company where it needs to go.

There’s no denying that expanding internationally is an exciting moment in a company’s history but, with that said, it’s important to recognise that there will be challenges.

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