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Fall in cases across UK is ‘encouraging’ as expert says this is ‘good news’ but ‘pandemic is not over’

26th Jul 21 1:36 pm

The UK recorded a fall in cases for a fifth day in a row, which is the first time cases fell this long since February.

The Prime Minister’s deputy spokesman said this is “encouraging,” but added the “pandemic is not over.”

He said, “Throughout the pandemic we have always said it’s encouraging when cases are falling.

“But the pandemic is not over and we should still expect to see a rise in case numbers given the move to Step 4 last week.

“The prime minister thinks we’re not out of the woods yet.”

Dr Mike Tildesley is a member of the government’s Scientific Pandemic Influenza Modelling group also said this is “good news.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he said, “Well, I mean the first thing obviously before I start is it is good news.

“Any situation where cases are falling clearly is good news. So, I’ll say that up front before I start caveats.”

But warned with schools now breaking up for summer, children will not be doing their twice-weekly tests.

Dr Tildesley said, “I think what we need to think about, though, is that there has been a change recently and I think the big one is that in a lot of parts of the country schools have now closed for the summer.

“Now, of course, because of that, what that means is – secondary school children have been doing lateral flow tests twice a week for quite a long period of time and we know at the moment cases are slightly higher in younger people, because schools have now broken up, it may be that part of the reason cases have dropped somewhat is that we’re not detecting as many cases in younger people now.”

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