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Explosions and heavy gunfire could be heard at a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi

by Sarah Dunsby
15th Jan 19 4:54 pm

Somali based terrorist extremist group Al-Shabab who is linked to Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for a terror attack that unfolded this afternoon in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

An up-market luxury hotel, the DusitD2 hotel was attacked in Nairobi’s Westlands neighbourhood. Heavy gunfire and explosions rocked the city this afternoon. Vehicles could be seen exploding and burning, people were running from the scene whilst armed Al-Shabab fighters carrying AK47’s could be seen in the complex.

Kenya’s national police chief has confirmed that Al-Shabab fighters could still be inside the complex, he said that, “Special Forces were trying to flush them out,” along with plain clothed police officers searching shops.

People could be seen being escorted by armed police from the building, some had bullet wounds and were covered in blood. The Kenyan police chief has not confirmed any deaths. However, a police officer who was first on the scene said, “there was no time to count the dead, but it is true that there are people who are dead.” He further added that dead bodies lay in the restuarants other police officers saw more dead bodies in the offices.

German software giant SAP confirmed all their employees were working at their local office when the terror attack unfolded. A spokeswoman for SAP said, “We have confirmation that all our staff have been accounted for.

“The SWAT team on the ground were very efficient and extracted all the employees that were in the building at the time to safety.”


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