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Europe’s Alliance warned Putin is ‘reserving airpower’ and ‘an attack against a NATO country remains a possibility’

by LLB political Reporter
28th Jul 22 11:16 am

There has been a warning issued that “an attack against a NATO country remains a possibility” as the Alliance has been told Vladimir Putin is thought to be reserving his air power, a new report has revealed.

NATO’s Defence College released a new report on Wednesday which is entitled “Russia’s Military After Ukraine: Down but Not Out.”

The Defence College’s policy brief analyses the current state of Russia’s military forces which has raised concerns for NATO that Putin has “limited the use of airpower.”

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According to the report, “Russia has not utilised its full military potential in the attack against Ukraine,” despite heavy losses faced by Russia.

The report continued: “It did not order general mobilisation.

“Maintaining the ability to engage, if needed, in operations against NATO may explain some of the characteristics and ‘surprises’ of the Russian war against Ukraine.

“For example, the limited use of airpower, gradual deployment of older and less precise weapon systems, or what appear to be subdued attacks in cyberspace.”

The report added, “The official Russian narrative is almost always defensive, but the essence of Moscow’s approach is to change the status quo.

“In this context, an attack against a NATO country remains a possibility.”

Earlier this month Europe was warned that Ukraine is a starting point for Moscow to capture other “European states” and “military aggression against a NATO country can no longer be excluded.”

NATO are preparing for the “worst case scenario” as there strong fears that Moscow’s “military aggression can no longer be excluded” in mainland Europe.

President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that there are “gray zones” within Europe’s security making it very easy for Russia to send troops to Ukraine.

“Russia views the territory of our country as a foothold for capturing other European states. Which means, to ensure the security of Ukraine is to provide long-term security for the whole of Europe.”

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has also warned that there is a “very real danger” Vladimir Putin could end up “lashing out” at other European countries and added that Russia is “the most direct and pressing threat to Europe.”

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