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Eight reasons why Instagram likes are still important

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28th Oct 20 1:50 pm

Instagram is the sixth most popular social media platform with over 1 billion active users per month. For years, it has been the home of influencers, brands, celebrities, and everyday people. Some of them, are using Instagram as their business outlet, while others just want to stay in touch with their social circle.

No matter how you choose to use your account though, you still need to make your posts gather a lot of likes. This becomes easy when you buy Instagram likes from Likes.io as you only need a couple of clicks to complete the process.

In this article, you are going to discover the reasons why Instagram likes are important for your profile. Once you find them out, make sure that you create high-quality posts that will increase the number you get.

1. Likes build your online presence

Nowadays, building an online presence has become essential. Everyone uses social media to brag about their achievements, share their life milestones, and promote their work. Moreover, for many influencers, Instagram is the source of their income.

As you realize, a strong online presence will benefit you, no matter what you do. First of all, you are going to come closer to your friends as you will share your most important moments with them. In addition to this, you can showcase to potential employers what your interests are and what kind of person you are. Furthermore, you might even be able to get clients through social media as Instagram is a great place to promote your artwork.

You can also use a top Instagram auto liker app to get more followers by engaging with them on autopilot.

2. They make users more likely to follow you

With so many accounts on Instagram, you can imagine that users don’t know which ones of them are worth following. The majority of the users are using the explore tab to see posts that are similar to the ones they have already liked. Therefore, many people interested in your niche will see your images. However, most of them will not choose to follow you.

A user is more likely to follow an account that has many other followers. Moreover, he will choose to visit a profile, when he sees a post that has a lot of likes. For this reason, it is very important that you buy Instagram likes from likes.io to boost every image you upload.

3. They boost your discoverability

Another great benefit that you will gain from posts with plenty of likes is that they will boost your discoverability. First of all, a user who likes a post with specific hashtags will see more posts that use those hashtags. Thus, if you have research the most popular ones in your niche, your photos will be exposed to the users interested in them.

Furthermore, when a user likes a post from an account he doesn’t follow, he will continue to see posts from it on his explore tab. By seeing more and more of your images, he will become familiar with your style and aesthetics and be more predisposed to ultimately follow your account. Don’t forget that you need to buy Instagram likes from Likes.io to help users make this decision.

4. Likes might lead to a higher conversion rate

Conversion rate is crucial for business accounts and influencers as they first need to generate sales and the second need to boost their affiliate marketing. In essence, the conversion rate represents how many sales, clicks, or leads were generated by a specific post on Instagram. Therefore, if you are on your way to becoming an influencer, you should track this specific metric as it will affect your revenue. Remember that a higher conversion rate can also mean that you can ask for better commission rates, which will increase your profit.

Likes are contributing to this, by bringing more traffic and more new users to your profile. After you have gained the followers, make sure to post high-quality images that convince them to follow the links on your profile bio.

5. Your account becomes competitive

With more than 1 billion users every month, you are sure to have plenty of competition regardless of your niche. Therefore, you will need to find something that will make your profile stand out from the rest of them. One sure way of doing it is to create original and eye-catching posts. If these gather a lot of likes, then your account will be the one with the most followers in your field. Make sure that you visit Likes.io to buy Instagram likes to boost your chances.

6. They enhance your engagement rate

The engagement rate goes hand in hand with the conversion rate when it comes to business and influencer accounts. This metric is a way to measure how loyal your audience is and if it is willing to interact with your content. Engagement rate includes likes, comments, reposts, and shares in stories.

Nevertheless, the engagement rate doesn’t just give you more power as an influencer. A high rate also means that the Instagram algorithm is favoring you when it comes to promoting related content. The explore tab is full of posts and accounts that have a high engagement rate, i.e. likes.

7. They help your posts go viral

You already know that if one of your posts goes viral, you will gain a lot of followers and you can start making a profit. To do this, you need to understand what makes users want to share an image on their profiles. For example, videos are more likely to become viral than photographs. After determining that, you need to enhance your post you are trying to promote with likes and comments. From Likes.io, you can buy Instagram likes that will make your effort pay off.

8. They are a confirmation that your posts are of high quality

Lastly, the likes on a post are simply an indication that you are doing this right. Social media have so many rules that you often can’t really tell if what you are doing is effective or not. So, if your posts get plenty of likes, then you know that your audience loves them.

All of these reasons prove to you that likes are crucial for any social media account. Whenever you are trying to promote a post, visit Likes.io to buy Instagram likes and make your account successful.

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