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Eight advantages of Fax

by Sarah Dunsby
29th Nov 18 10:32 am

Despite social media’s ubiquity, email and all kinds of apps that can send messages, many people still prefer to use fax.

Fax is still not obsolete because it has several advantages to its credit. One may ask: how can anyone be comfortable with an ungainly fax machine complete with ink, papers and subsequent maintenance woes? The simple answer to this question is that most of the physical components have been done away with. You can now send a fax using your smartphone.

Here are a couple of advantages that make fax software so useful:

Convenience and worldwide communication within your reach

Sending a fax is very simple. Fax software uses the fax-to-email technology so that all the incoming faxes can be easily converted into emails with the help of PDFs and then conveniently stored on your smartphone. Fax is still commonly used throughout the world, so with the help of software that supports fax-to-email technology, your faxes can reach anywhere in the world.


Good fax software offers state-of-the-art TLS encryption protocol which will securely transmit your faxes using the fax-to-email technology. No need to worry about hacking and data leaks.

Free fax support

Using a good fax software today is extremely simple since the interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. However, on the very rare occasion where an error does occur, you can rely on quick and free customer support.

Easy setup

You can easily setup your own fax account in hardly 30 seconds. Yes, it really is that quick and simple. Even emails accounts cannot be established so quickly. As soon as you set up your account, you can begin to fire away your faxes without any extra delay.

No more hassles

Fax is very much in use throughout the world. This means you will also have to use fax to communicate with suppliers and clients. Just think about the trouble that will be caused by that ungainly fax machine, all those fax papers, ink, subsequent maintenance woes and those terribly long lines. Efficient fax software will do away with all of these issues because since it is completely electronic, you will not need any of the aforementioned hardware.

Lots of savings

You save big time because you don’t need to buy that expensive old fax machine, nor do you need to stock up on ink and papers. Absolutely no maintenance issues to waste your time or money. You can do everything fax from your smartphone using a very simple app.

No need for an extra phone line

Easily communicate your faxes over the internet without needing to know or worry about the underlying technology. All you need is your pre-existing internet connection.


No need to be tied down by that old relic of a fax machine. You can travel anywhere you like and send faxes with your smartphone.

You can avail all of the aforementioned facilities by using simple affordable software like FaxBurner.  Be sure to visit www.faxburner.com.

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