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Ed Milliband returns to Labour’s shadow cabinet

by LLB Reporter
6th Apr 20 3:47 pm

Ed Milliband has said on Monday afternoon that he is returning back to the Labour frontbench under Sir Keir Starmer.

Jeremy Corbyn succeeded Milliband after a party electoral defeat, and is now the shadow business secretary.

Milliband said in a statement, “I am looking forward to serving in Kier Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Business and Energy Secretary alongside such a talented team.

“We must all focus on playing our part in the country’s response to coronavirus, working with government to help the many businesses and workers who have been so badly hit and need their voice heard.

“As Kier said, we cannot go back to business as usual after this crisis. We will need to reshape our economy, addressing the insecurity many workers face.

“We must also return to climate change as the unavoidable long-term issue of our time, including with a recovery based on providing economic justice through a Green New Deal.”

Sir Keir said, “I’m proud to have appointed a shadow cabinet that showcases the breadth, depth and talents of the Labour Party.

“This is a new team that will be relentlessly focused on acting in the national interest to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and rebuilding Labour so that it can win the next election.”

Sir Keir’s shadow cabinet currently includes 17 women and 15 men, with seven BAME members.

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