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Don’t forget the personal touch

by John Saunders
15th Feb 19 2:13 pm

All brands operate within a market where everything and everyone is connected in some way, but if you want to gain that all-important customer attention then you need to make sure that you are right up there with your data not just being digital-first.

With increasing numbers of consumers preferring a customer first mindset instead of the evermore digital marketing tactics employed by many businesses the realisation that offering the total consumer journey is what people actually want is finally sinking in.

Consumers want to feel valuable and unique, they want to be an individual and as such have an experience that is relevant to their own, personal needs.

The technical know-how will be vital to transforming any business towards this way of operating, especially as they relate to customer identity resolution and data on boarding, but this must work alongside a customer-centric strategy across any willing enterprise.

If we take a look at the consumers in the UK it soon become noticeable that UK shoppers buy a higher percentage of goods and services from foreign online stores than almost any other wealthy country with a healthy sixteen per cent of retailers that are located outside of the European Union enjoying UK business.

Seventy-three per cent of goods purchased online are sourced from domestic retailers whilst the remaining eleven percent is bought from another EU country.

With the United States, France and Germany as well as the Netherlands turning out to be the biggest overseas market for the UK consumers and the spending total being a massive 51.3bn euros on US goods alone, it is not difficult to understand how the UK and US trading relationship is one of the most valuable on the planet.

US fashion is incredibly popular in the UK as is French fashion, perfumes and cosmetics, but then the French have always been known to supply some of the best in all of the three categories.

However, sight must not be lost that it is imperative that the customer experience remains a positive one if success trading to the UK is to remain high.

Not only does this type of customer service works within the realms of fashion and other accessories, white goods and services but also a great customer services are now expected within the gaming industry.

Today, customers can enjoy online live casinos with UK dealers bringing the experience of actually being inside a bricks and mortar venue that step closer although players are actually sitting in their own living rooms.

Live dealer games are proving so popular that players could have to wait for a virtual seat at one of the tables just like you have to wait for a seat at a real venue. Games are played in real time with a real, live dealer or croupier.

Being able to offer the consumer a personal touch works on so many different levels ensuring their experience is one that will prompt them to return to your business whether you are selling fashion items or offering a classic game of roulette.

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