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Covid deaths down 92% since second wave peak – ONS

by LLB Editor
8th Apr 21 11:43 am

The number of weekly coronavirus deaths in England and Wales has fallen by 92% from the second wave peak roughly two months ago, the latest ONS figures suggest.

And deaths involving Covid-19 among people aged 80 and over have fallen by a slighter higher percentage – down 92.9% since the second-wave peak, the figures indicate.

A total of 379 Covid-19 deaths in that age group occurred in England and Wales in the week ending 19 March – down from 5,354 deaths in the week ending 22 January.

Deaths for those aged 75-79 dropped 93.4% in the same period, compared with falls of 92.4% for those aged 70-74, 90.8% for those aged 65-69 and 83.7% for those aged 60-64.

Deaths that occurred in the most recent week of reporting – the week to 26 March – are still being registered.

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