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Coronavirus cases jump 50 per cent in Italy in just 24 hours

by LLB Reporter
2nd Mar 20 2:18 pm

On Monday coronavirus cases jumped by 50% to nearly 1,700 with around 500 new cases daily, with five people dead, bringing the death toll to 34.

Northern Italy has placed 50,000 people on lockdown, but despite this coronavirus is still seeping out of the infected area.

The Civil Protection Agency revealed the total number of patients infected rose by 1,694, almost 500 positive tests meaning cases climbed by 50% in one day.

Many confirmed cases of the virus across Europe are being traced back to northern Italy, with seven UK cases that recently returned from ski trips in the country.

The Czech Republic health minister Adam Vojtech said his country have their first three cases of coronavirus on Monday from Italy.

Germany’s cases have risen by 129, and coronavirus is now in nine out of 16 states, Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfurt reporting their first cases.

Despite the rapid spread across Europe the border free Schengen zone remains open across all 26 member states without any virus screening in place.

Professor Neil Ferguson, director of the Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College, London, claimed in February there are “definitely thousands” of cases across northern Italy.

He said, “The great majority of cases for this virus we think have quite mild disease and they are not being detected.”

Professor Ferguson said, “What’s been clear is that there has been transmission in Italy ongoing and not detected for at least three weeks and probably more like a month.

“Behind each one of those deaths probably lies about a thousand cases.”

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