Check out these weird Christmas cards from Tony Blair and Nigel Farage


Tis’ the season to send bizarre Christmas cards?

And the award for the weirdest Christmas card goes to *drumroll please* Tony Blair.

Tony Blair's Christmas card

Now just why can’t the former Prime Minister smile? Is it botox? Is it calls for his Save The Children award to be revoked? Is it the public outrage on his £41,000-a-month secret contract to help Saudi oil firm? We’re not so sure.

@TheMediaTweets correctly points out that, “Perhaps the oddest thing about Tony Blair’s threatening Christmas card is that this must have been the BEST photo…”

Blair’s card threw Twitter into a tizzy, take a look at some reactions:





In other weird-Christmas card news, UKIP has chosen to poke fun at David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in its Christmas card .


The party has chosen Daily Telegraph cartoonist Christian Adams cartoon highlighting Labour MP Emily Thornberry’s controversial tweet during last month’s byelection.

Again, we’re still not so sure about the message behind the cryptic cartoon. What does it have to do with Christmas?

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