Check out the big blunder Nick Clegg made on live radio today


You’d expect the deputy prime minister of the country to know where tomorrow’s by-election takes place. Trouble is, he’s not so sure.

Nick Clegg made a big booboo on live radio today after he got the place of tomorrow’s by-election wrong.

For those of you who don’t know, tomorrow’s election will take place in Strood.

On LBC’s Call Clegg this morning, Clegg said to Sue, a caller from Stroud: “Hello Sue, you’ve got an election on tomorrow haven’t you?”

She said: “Er, well…” before Nick Ferrari corrected him: “No, that’s Strood, Deputy Prime Minister.”

The Lib Dem leader then tried to pass the buck to presenter Nick Ferrari blaming his handwriting.

However, LBC Radio reports that Clegg pronounced the Gloucestershire town correctly.

Clegg then tried to redeem himself by saying: “Sorry Sue, let’s start again.”

Take a look at a video here:

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