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Bulgaria to stop Putin using a vital port and will join US in providing ‘serious support’ to Ukraine’s counteroffensive

22nd Jul 23 4:46 pm

Russia to lose a vital port which is used by Russian oil giant Lukoil Bulgaria has announced which is yet another major blow for Vladimir Putin.

Bulgarian parliament passed the concession agreement to terminate Russia’s use of the port of Rosenets, as both the first and second reading with 144 members voted in favour, with 52 against.

This move by Bulgari is in line with European Union sanctions against Russia, however they do not apply to Lukoil.

Within the next two weeks the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Communications will take control of the Rosenets terminal.

“The termination of the concession will not allow Russia to use Bulgarian infrastructure to finance the war in Ukraine,” a statement said.

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Bulgaria’s capital has agreed for the first time to send heavy military equipment to Ukraine which will include around 100 armoured personnel carriers.

Sofia’s government agreed in a vote to support Ukraine’s war effort in a huge turnaround.

Bulgaria’s parliament said, “This equipment is no longer necessary for the needs of Bulgaria, and it can be of serious support to Ukraine in its battle to preserve the country’s independence and territorial integrity after the unjustified and unprovoked Russian aggression.”

The US are set to announce a new military aide package worth an estimated $400 million which includes, ground vehicles, air defence missiles, artillery, anti-tank weapons and mine-clearing hardware.

Once Ukraine receives the aide the counteroffensive will then “gain pace” to push back Russian forces in occupied areas of Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on allies to provide more long-range missiles and advanced fighter jets.

President Zelensky said, “We are approaching a moment when relevant actions can gain pace because we are already going through some mines locations and we are demining these areas.”

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