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Brussels says no-deal Brexit is ‘increasingly likely’

by LLB Reporter
25th Mar 19 1:25 pm

The European Commission has warned on Monday that a no-del Brexit is becoming “increasingly likely” on 12 April.

The EU gave the warning after Theresa May addressed senior ministers at a meeting with the Cabinet, ahead of this week’s vital crunch votes.

These votes in the House of Commons will shape the outcome over Brexit.

May is battling to keep her position as prime minister, as MPs are seeking to oust her in a bid to seize control of Parliamentary business to secure a softer Brexit.

Former Downing Street director of communications, Katie Perrior wrote in The Times Red Box, “Maybe it’s time to stop finding scapegoats and admit that Theresa May and her lack of leadership has made a bad situation worse.

“With great sadness, it’s time for her to swap her departure date in return for the deal. It’s the least she can do.”

However, international trade secretary Liam Fox said May is actually respected by the public.

Dr Fox told Today, “What I was finding from real voters was people spontaneously saying: ‘I don’t understand how Theresa May puts up with the pressure, she is a great public servant, her resilience is amazing.

“There seems to me to be a bigger disconnect now between Westminster and what is happening out in the country than ever before.”

The European Commission said in a statement they have completed their preparations for a no-deal Brexit, they warned it would nonetheless create “significant disruption for citizens and businesses.”

Should the UK crash out on 12 April without a deal the UK will immediately be subjected to checks and tariffs over exports to the EU.  Officials further said, “significant delays” are to be expected at the borders.

MPs are to vote on a proposal to force a series of indictive votes over alternatives to May’s withdrawal agreement, following last weeks summit in Brussels extending the exit beyond 29 March.

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