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Brits hoarding £3bn in foreign currency

by LLB Editor

Brits are currently hoarding more than £3.8 billion in unspent foreign currency, equating to £57 per person, shows a new study from financial analysts at AskTraders.com.

The analysis, which looked at the average amount of foreign currency brought home by holidaymakers, reveals that £3,807,984,041 is currently sat in drawers or wallets, unused.

Given the average food bill per household per week is £61.90, that means we could be holding enough foreign currency to cover almost a weeks’ worth of food for a family, or 22.8 loaves of banana bread, if you’re that way inclined.

Here’s where the money is being held right now:

RegionCurrency Held
East Midlands£275,141,808
East of England£355,681,544
North East£152,499,141
North West£418,543,912
South East£523,614,730
South West£320,558,952
West Midlands£337,937,576
Yorkshire and The Humber£314,263,115
Northern Ireland£107,875,248

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