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Brits are being ‘held to ransom’ in post-apocalyptic England by anti-vaxxers

by LLB political Reporter
17th Jun 21 11:03 am

The former Tory MP, Dr Liam Fox has blasted anti-vaxxers and groups of people who have been offered the vaccine, but refuse to be jabbed.

Dr Fox said that the UK cannot wait for people who refuse to be vaccinated and Brits are being “held to ransom” by these groups of people.

Dr Fox told MPs in the Commons, “What we cannot have is the country being held to ransom by any groups who have been offered a vaccine but have chosen not to take, that is utterly unacceptable.”

The current situation in England was described as a “dystopia” by Conservative MP Steve Baker.

Baker told the Commons, “We have transformed this society for the worse.

“We have put in place a culture of habits which will take years to shake off, culture and habits which distance people from one another and diminish their quality of life, the quality of relationships that they have with one another.”

Conservative MP for Poole Sir Robert Syms blasted Ministers who took the decision to delay the reopening of Engand on 21 June.

Sir Robert said, “My view is that most of the senior ministers who took this decision need a damn good holiday because if you look at the data, if you look at what’s happening in the country, the restrictions are totally out of kilter with the sense of the problem.

“Let me take the south west of England, there’s 5.6m people, there are 23 people in hospital, there are two in ICU.

“In Dorset where there’s nearly a million people, we have one person in hospital.

“Yet hundreds of couples that want to get married, businesses that want to be viable, people that want to get their lives back in order, I just think the balance is wrong.”

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