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Britons flushing gold worth £13m into sewers every year

by LLB Editor
16th Nov 15 9:47 am

This news story will make you consider being a gold digger… literally.

Britons are flushing away gold worth a whopping £13m, an analysis of sewers by Thames Water has found.

The analysis found that small quantities of gold get washed off wedding rings and other jewellery every time Britons wash their hands.

So much so that the level of gold in sewers is comparable to those found in mines.

Precious metals are also washed down the drain every time people with gold teeth brush their teeth.

Hazel Prichard, a geologist from Cardiff University, told The Times: “We were stunned. They [sewers] were all consistently high in gold.”

“It’s one to three parts per million, which is huge.

“Goldmines are economical at one to three parts per million.

“The advantage is, it doesn’t need to be mined … [or] crushed. The two big costs in getting gold out of rocks is mining and crushing them.

“It’s environmentally friendly. It’s gold, that’s what matters,” she added.


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