Home Business News British military to train Ukrainian soldiers in UK as 120 armoured vehicles are being ‘made ready’ for them

British military to train Ukrainian soldiers in UK as 120 armoured vehicles are being ‘made ready’ for them

by LLB political Reporter
12th Apr 22 3:20 pm

The UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has announced that Ukrainian soldiers are to be trained in Britain by the British military the government has confirmed on Tuesday.

The UK are to step up their support for the Ukrainian Army and Heappey warned on Tuesday that “all options are on the table” if it is found that Russian forces used chemical weapons in Mariupol on Monday night.

Heappey told LBC Radio, “There’s 120 armoured vehicles that are in the process of being made ready.

“And the Ukrainian troops that will operate them will arrive in the UK in the next few days to learn how to drive and command those vehicles.”

Radio host Nick Ferrari said, “That’s tremendous, so we’re going to be training Ukrainian blokes and women on our kit here in the UK?”

“Yes,” replied Heappey.

Speaking to the BBC Heappey added, “There are more shoulder-launched anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles that we are sending as well as loitering precision munitions, and as you heard the Prime Minister say at the weekend, we’re also sending an anti-ship capability as well.”

He spoke of the “importance of upholding that the use of chemical weapons is a line that the international community simply won’t tolerate.”

When asked if the government believe that Ukrainian forces are able to repel Vladimir Putin’s troops, Mr Heappey said, “We absolutely do.

“There is hubris in the Russian plan for the next phase – you can conduct military options in Ukraine either in the dead of winter when the ground is frozen solid or in the summer when the ground is dry and hard.

“The mud of Ukraine in the springtime has brought the Nazis to a standstill in Operation Barbarossa and Putin’s desire to have a May 9 Victory Parade through Moscow is just characteristic of the hubris and utter disregard for loss of Russian life that he has shown so far.”

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