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Boris Johnson condemns people ‘taking too many liberties’

26th Jun 20 4:32 pm

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned people for not following social distancing guidelines and “taking too many liberties.”

This comes as thousands of people are flocking to the beaches across England and has urged people to refrain from “mingling too much and not observing social distancing.”

Johnson said on Friday “Let me be very clear about the scenes in Bournemouth – it’s very important for people to understand if you look at what’s happening elsewhere in the world where people have been coming out of lockdown.

“I’m afraid what you’re also seeing is people taking too many liberties with the guidance, mingling too much, not observing social distancing.

“In some parts of the world – I won’t name them – you’ve got really serious spikes in the instances of the diseases.

“It’s crucial people understand that on 4 July we get this right and we do this in a balanced way and we recognise the risks.

“You may think you’re not going to get it and you’re immortal and invincible and so on. And very likely that’s true, particularly if you’re a young person.

“But the bug you carry can kill elderly people particularly.

“It’s still dangerous. The virus is still out there.”

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