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Best luxury clothing brands in the world

by John Saunders
16th Mar 20 1:55 pm

The fascination for clothing can reach the next level if you get the right brand. The moment you see someone wearing an attractive article at that moment onwards you try to guess the brand. There are few brands that have won that blind from all across the world that even if the article is normal but that shoutout of the brand name is enough for the reason to purchase. It is easy to find brands that get popularity within a country but it’s hard to get the best brand that gets popularity all across the world.

In this article, we have jotted down some best brands which are getting famous day by day due to an increase in customer base and thus the reviews. Come let us have a deep dive into some of the best among them.


The name is enough right? Yes, that’s true if you are able to owe yourself a good article from Gucci then the meaning of its popularity would be justified easily. This Italian leather is so refined and pure that it has raised the flag of attraction all across the world.

You must have noticed that no matter how big the brand is they try to cover maximum grounds by opening new outlets but this brand has got some limit. A reputation that makes sure that they are not available in large numbers but should be present in the best quality. The brand value that they are having is $12.4 billion which is again really impressive.


The clothing quality that they offer is mesmerizing. This is an Italian luxury brand that makes sure that their clothing should have the best quality. The most important thing is the durability and shine of clothes.

People have given this as feedback that the quality stays fresh even after years and that’s the recognition of a real brand. This brand is famous for luxury ready-made clothes. The net value of this bran dis $8 billion.


This a luxury clothing brand based in London. Their target for clothing stays on ready-made – clothes, and perfumes. Mostly people prefer this brand for parties’ clothing. The reason behind this is the texture of the clothing they generally come up with. They take care of the comfort of the clothes.

The product of this brand has something important that makes them special for party dresses and yes that is unique from others. The net worth for this brand is $5 billion and which is again good.


Loewe brand is of a Spanish luxury fashion house. This brand has touched 175 years for the older and for being the most luxurious brand for all across the world. The ready-to-made collection is what they are famous for.

Apart from clothing, they sell bags, wallets, and many more items. If you have planned to purchase a dress from this brand then just stop thinking and you are good to go to experience this best in the class brand. The revenue they generate per year is high and the feedback they have got from the stores is also overwhelming.


World’s leading lifestyle brand with huge popularity all over the world. This brand is not very expensive but can easily solve the purpose if you are really looking for a good quality product that too at affordable prices.

The year in which it was founded is 1985 and till now they have won billions of hearts with the quality of the product they offer. The net worth of this brand is $450 million and still growing at a faster pace. There is no bar for age category as they cover all age group whether it be kid, adult or old aged person.

Calvin Klein

This brand for luxury was found in America in 1968. The best part about this brand is its availability. Nearly all the multi-brand shops must be having an article for this brand and what makes them different is the shine of the clothes.


We have jotted down some best luxury clothing brands that are famous all over the world. You can easily choose the category in which a particular brand is famous. You just need to make your mind and go shopping now.

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