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Balearic’s could be taken of green travel list as the Covid situation is ‘critical’

5th Jul 21 3:53 pm

Holidaymakers wanting to jet out to Ibiza and Majorca may need to rethink their plans as cases are soaring and the government could take both countries off the green list.

Cases in the Balearic’s have been described as “critical” by health officials as the case rate now stands at triple compared to May as there have been more than 500 cases in two days.

Spanish health officials said there has been 303 case in 24-hours, which is up by 70 from 233 recorded the day before.

The positivity rate has risen to 8.5% and the case rates now stand at 130 per 100,000 population, which could mean that the British government will change the status for holidaymakers.

Cases in Majorca has risen to 14, with Menorca recording one and Ibiza has reported three more infections.

British tourists have been reported to have packed the beaches with next to no social distancing or the wearing of face coverings.

If the British government does change the travel statue to “amber” on 15 July, then thousands of Brits will be out of pocket as they will most likely scramble to get flights back to the UK or risk having to self-isolate.

British holidaymakers were warned by the government last week, that the travel status can change at anytime and to “check the booking terms and conditions on flexibility and refunds, because the situation remains fluid.”

Spain have also brought back restrictions on bars in some regions due to the spiralling infection rate, and in 16 towns of the Cantabria regions nightlife is to completely close.

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