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43 per cent of employees have suffered a cyber-attack

by Sarah Dunsby
11th Feb 19 6:28 am

New research from Mactavish, the UK’s leading expert on commercial insurance governance and disputes, reveals 43% of senior executives and managers believe their employers have suffered at least one cyber-attack in the past two years.

However, only 31% of those who said this thought it had been dealt with ‘very well’.   Just over one in five (21%) thought they dealt with it ‘poorly’.

The findings also reveal that less than half (48%) of senior executives and managers feel their employers are not worried about cyber-attacks, and this helps explain why just 51% believe the organisations they work for have good strategies in place for dealing with cyber-attacks.  Some 13% described their strategies here as ‘poor’,  and 30% as ‘average.’

Bruce Hepburn, CEO of Mactavish said, “The chances of suffering from a cyber- attack are increasing, but our research suggests many employers are not taking this growing risk seriously enough.

“Given this, it is fair to assume that many have also not reviewed their insurance policies to make sure they have adequate cover here.”

Mactavish offers a consultancy service in this area to organisations to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover against cyber-attacks, and that their policies are correctly worded.  It also offers a service assisting employers who are in dispute with insurers over disputed claims relating to cyber-attacks.

Mactavish is the UK’s leading expert on insurance governance.  It has been operating in the commercial insurance sector for over 15-years.

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