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Your most burning questions about corporate video production

by John Saunders
28th Sep 21 4:03 pm

In the modern era, if you want to grow your business, your main task should be to capture the market and make a straightforward communication between the targeted audience. Nowadays, businesses depend on their providing service, but corporate videos also play a significant role in attracting customers. A better marketing technique provides you an edge in a saturated market to position your brand.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a very beneficial way to market your business to promote your brand and business awareness among people. A corporate video is a non-advertising video regarding any business, company, corporation, and organisation. Nowadays, these videos are usually published online on the business’ website and distributed through their social media channel and via email marketing.

What are corporate videos used for?

As mentioned earlier in this article, this is an effective way which increases your business’s reach in the market. If you wonder how can you use a corporate video to enhance your business growth, then some major ideas are listed below;

  • Training, instructional, and safety videos for employees produce a very strong image of your company in the audience.
  • Demonstration videos of new products and services.
  • Client testimonial videos are the best way to convince people because they prove your customer satisfaction.
  • Investor and shareholder relation videos.
  • Through live webcasting, you can clear your customer’s queries, which can robust your customer’s trust.
  • Interviews with company leaders maintain transparency between the company and its clients.

Types of corporate videos

There are two main types of corporate videos, which are elaborated below

1. Corporate brand video

Corporate brand videos are a significant way to become noticeable in the market and boost your content. A corporate brand video is a high-quality clip in which your company’s main motive is defined without overtly selling a specific product.

2. Corporate explainer video

A corporate explainer video is a very attractive way of communication. It is a short clip through which you can explain anything regarding your company, such as your new product and the services you provide. 

Why are corporate videos important?

Marketing is the main foundation of any business. If you don’t market your business, how would people know about the services and products you provide. A general survey has found that approximately 55% of consumers want to see videos and short clips from a brand and business they support. So just think about it if you aren’t making videos, then how could you meet this digital climate world? Also, you won’t be able to make your business stand in this saturated world.

How much does it cost to produce an excellent corporate video?

The cost of the corporate video depends on your demand. If you don’t have the budget, then you can just shoot a video with your mobile phone and upload it to YouTube for free. But, if your budget allows you to spend on marketing, you even hire professionals to shoot your corporate video. Some crucial factors which can affect your cost in producing a corporate video are listed below

  1. Professional development and storyboarding
  2. Professional production company services
  3. Scriptwriting
  4. Contrast and colour editing
  5. Actors and VO artists
  6. Camera quality
  7. Lighting and equipment
  8. Graphics
  9. Stock footage acquisition
  10. Audio files and music
  11. Crew
  12. Onsite cost of production and catering

Corporate video dynamics

A good corporate video is shot in simplified form to convey the company’s message to avoid any fuzziness and ambivalence. As these video clips are the most effective way to communicate with the targeted audience, they should be summarised; otherwise, people will get bored. In the corporate video, you don’t need to incorporate everything regarding your brand. You can just focus on a specific product or business trend to be clear.

The more you communicate with your customer, the more chances of your business will grow. In your corporate videos, let your customers know that they can send you any query and question. You can answer those questions in separate videos by highlighting them, which ultimately increases your trust value.

There are many valuable points of well thought corporate video. A company should consider the following factors while producing any corporate video to boost their market value and trust relationship with their customer.

1. Fun undertaking

While you shoot a corporate video, always remember, “Be the one who you are.” Many people have confidence issues while shooting a video which will affect the video’s transparency; therefore, don’t ever be shy and talk as if you are talking to an old friend. 

It is very appealing to convey your brand’s message funnily in the corporate video.

2. Good budget

A good budget isn’t a very necessary factor in a start-up. But if you want a dynamic video to attract people, then you have to consider it. If you have a budget, then it would be best to hire professionals who will shoot your marketing video in the best way.

3. Building stories

While shooting your corporate video, you should highlight the key message in it. Incorporate videos you should ask the business owner to tell the stories in which the main star should be the company’s brand. If you aren’t sure about the video content, you can select a group containing a few people and ask them to listen to your story, watch the video, and give feedback. This is the best way to achieve a better story regarding your video.

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