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Will there be more envelopes of cash hidden around London today?

2nd Jun 14 10:24 am

It started in San Francisco, when an anonymous donor started leaving envelopes of cash hidden around the area, then tweeting cryptic clues for anyone to find them.

Now an anonymous donor has taken on the random philanthropy mantle for the UK.

And that means you could be one of the lucky hunters who finds one of the envelopes of cash hidden around the UK.

Make sure you’re following @hiddencash_UK, the Twitter account at the heart of the self-titled “social experiment aiming to help ordinary people”.

You’ll be competing with another 63,000 followers (at time of writing), but don’t let that stop you.

Yesterday, @hiddencash_UK was in London, and one lucky follower unearthed an envelope hidden at Camden Lock.



So what’s this all about?

Inspired by the US-based @HiddenCash, the @hiddencash_UK Twitter account was launched on Tuesday 27 May.

The first tweet said: “The start of a social experiment to help strangers. Envelopes of cash will be hidden around the UK! Keep an eye out for clues #cashtag

Who is @hiddencash_UK?

The account itself hasn’t given away anything about the donor’s identity, but the Telegraph is reporting that he is a 25-year-old who made his money through e-commerce, and who is supported by a team of eight people for this.

He said: “I had seen the version in the US and thought it was a really great idea. I thought why not bring that over here and the reaction has been really good.

“I’m in a fortunate position to be able to give away money on a daily basis at the moment. I have had a few businesses in e-commerce that have done really well for me.

“It got to a point where there is only so much stuff that money can buy and for myself – as well as for the people finding the money – I find it quite fun.

“I get more of a kick out of that than I would spending £50 on myself. We’ve planned a drop right down south, in Brighton, and I’ve planned one in London.”

So keep your eyes on the account – the next beneficiary could be you.

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