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Why you should start a unique, eco-friendly business with pigment ink fabric printing

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10th Jun 20 5:47 pm

Monetising a hobby is one of the easiest ways of excelling in business because you get to do what you love! Consumer behaviors and patterns are fast changing with the need for hand-made accessories such as clothing being high than ever before. Consumers are also aware of climate change and global warming effects. Everyone prefers to use a product that is of good quality and manufactured with care for environment, be it fabric or furniture.


If you are a talented designer, or a creative student of art, partnering with fabric suppliers and printers like ctnbee.com is the best idea for an eco-friendly business with pigment ink fabric printing. Among the niches in the fashion industry that hasn’t been exploited to death is fabric printing. All you need is a formidable plan, dedication, and unrivaled marketing strategies.

So, how do you go about such a business? Well, continue reading to get a better insight into that.

Unique application

Starting a business is one thing, but running it is another altogether! You have to be as creative as possible to give your customers something that they don’t get on the regular. There are a plethora of products you could potentially include in your offer in as far as the fabric printing business is concerned. For instance, besides regular clothe sewing, you can take your creativity notches higher and incorporate digitally printed textiles in accessories such as notebooks, wallets, ladies purse, or even backpacks. At the end of the day, people buy your creativity.  Also, don’t forget that images have to be high resolution and at least 150 dpi if you want to attract more customers.

Personalised orders and quick turnaround

Forget about the minimum order policy that deprives you of lots of profits, especially from big customers such as wholesalers. Pigment ink printing is effective, fast, and has a quicker turnaround than other forms of digital fabric printing. Therefore, no minimum order policy allows you to take as many orders as possible and deliver the same within a promised time-frame. Moreover, you can also deal with one order at a time without necessarily having to accumulate bulk so that you place one big order at once.


Lastly, who wouldn’t want to buy natural fiber fabrics? The modern market is crowded with cheap fabric that isn’t only detrimental to healthy environmental practices but can be a source of discomfort, especially during sudden weather changes. Natural fiber fabrics are constructed on naturally grown and processed cotton or linen to give an upper edge that other types of synthetic fiber or polyester cannot afford to offer. When synthetic fiber breaks down into micro-plastics, they take long to biodegrade, which leads to unhealthy contaminants on the earth’s surface.

Natural fiber fabrics also have an upper edge when printing, thanks to the least water-intensive digital textile print technology. In other words, no chemical substance is used in the process.  Moreover, fabrics that are used in printing undergo third-party test and OEKO-TEX certification to assure consumers of safety to the skin.

There you have all the reasons to start your unique, eco-friendly business! Another important tip for running a successful business is ensuring customer satisfaction because they are an essential asset to the existence of your business.

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