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Why we urgently need plastic recycling and how to help

by John Saunders
19th Feb 20 5:55 pm

Waste of plastic has increasingly become known as a global problem. While plastic is important for the economy and modern-day living, it also takes thousands of years to disintegrate. It can take up space in landfills and is known to pollute the environment, especially in terms of the oceans. That’s why plastic recycling is such an important thing to be aware of in this modern age.

Reasons we need to do more plastic recycling

Plastic is all around us. It’s cheap, strong, light, and versatile, so it can be used for many things. Most plastic doesn’t get reused or recycled with up to 50% of it being single use. However, many plastics are recyclable even though not all locations have governments that offer this process. The recycling process uses large amounts of water and massive amounts of energy.

How to help with plastic recycling

If you are interested in helping with the plastic crisis going on right now, there are tons of ways to make a difference. Even implementing a few of these things can help, especially if those around you make the same changes to their lifestyle.

  • Plastic Bottles – Every time you drink or eat something out of a plastic bottle, make sure you put it into the recycling bin. This can add up quickly as people use large numbers of these bottles for everything from beverages to juices.
  • Bags and Wraps – There are tons of different retail stores and grocery marts that collect grocery bags to be recycled. They also take dry cleaning bags, zipper bags, water bottles, and other items made of plastic. Dropping these off once every month or so can be a big help.
  • Recycled Products – Another way to help is by using recycled plastics, to begin with. All sorts of things are made of formerly used plastic including kitchen tools, desking, fabrics, and many more. When you buy recycled plastics, you avoid the need to make more.

These small steps can go a long way toward helping us keep a safe and happy environment. Once you are used to doing them, you can always seek out other methods of plastic recycling to up your game.

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