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Why owning your own boat is good for business

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29th Aug 19 2:41 pm

London is a busy city and an economic hub. Pounds are traded, deals are done, and London is and will always be one of the powerhouses of the commercial world. For a lot of people London is the UK and they don’t get much further than the city itself. However, savvy business executives and savvy companies are finding ways to do business better and edge out the competition. One such way is through the use of a boat as conversations with many smart businesspeople will soon tell you.

More than nautical language

Owning a boat of any kind is superb for business. Boats, yachts and other launches can soon become very useful tools for a business. Owning a boat for business purposes, and of course some leisure is not all about nautical things but so much more. Conversation on board a boat changes and stuffy boardrooms and even intimidating senior executives all change and this where owning a boat is good for business. So just how can owning a boat be good for business?

Boats and Business Success

Owning a boat is relatively easy and Hatteras Yachts are very popular vessels for businesspeople and companies to own. Understanding how a boat can be used a business tool is where clever thinking really pays off. One of the first uses of a boat can be for meetings. Taking a client away from the boardroom is often a ploy used to butter up people to close a deal. Many companies take clients out to a restaurant but asking your client to meet you on your yacht for lunch is something that few companies would even think of doing.

Business onboard

Meeting on a yacht serves many purposes and each breaks the ice and shows you mean business. The first is that meeting on yacht, it doesn’t have to be massive craft, is unusual and different, it shows a very different side to how you do business. It is an enjoyable way to have a formal meeting in less than formal surroundings. Onboard your yacht there are no office distractions and you can relax a little while doing business simultaneously. The yacht also creates something that you will be remembered by, a restaurant is okay but lunch on yacht is something very special and will almost certainly sweeten any deal or discussion.

Great rewards

Owning a yacht or boat creates a wonderful incentive for employees. Having access to a boat can become a superb asset used to reward staff or even create small team building exercises. In the heat of London business is done but knowing there is an opportunity to enjoy everything a yacht or boat offers is a great incentive for many staff. Giving access to the use of a company yacht is a superb business perk that few companies offer and the ownership and cost of running your launch soon pays off.  Owning a yacht of any kind is a superb investment for a business once you know how to manipulate and utilise the asset you have.

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