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Why companies are using webinars for recruitment

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18th Jan 20 1:21 pm

These days HR teams and companies are becoming more and more digitalized and recruitment processes are no longer conducted in the old-fashioned way. Modern times require modern solutions. That’s why job interviews are more and more often conducted in virtual rooms rather than in real conference halls. What are the key benefits of online hiring processes?

The main reason, why companies decide to choose modern tech solutions for hiring, is because they allow to save time and resources. According to talenthubresourcing.com, the use of video in job interviews has increased up to 49% since 2001 and is still growing. The secret behind the rising popularity of video conferencing platforms is that they make recruiting easier – both for employers and employees.

Save resources & time

How to attract new recruits and keep their attention? A common strategy, used by many HR teams is running paid ads, which target people from platforms like LinkedIn or Fiverr. However, with the support of webinar software, paid promotion may no longer be necessary.

Online meeting solutions become a crucial part of hiring processes, allowing to meet with more candidates and effectively verify their skills. Moreover, a lot of companies implement video conferences into their employer branding strategy to introduce their brand to a wider audience and make prospects more familiar with their products and services.

When conducted on a regular basis, webinars may not only support HR and employer branding activities, but even become the company’s main communication channels.

Grow your business 

Thanks to webinars, you can not only reach hundreds of potential employees, but also develop a consistent hiring strategy that will help you find, hire and evaluate the best candidates.

For some companies, using live webinar software to reach high-qualified employees might be enough to achieve their goals. However, finding top talents might be only half of success. These days, employees use to be very flexible when it comes career choices, so training and accommodating new team members has become a major challenge for many managers. Again, webinar software used for conducting trainings may support work productivity, as well as engagement and loyalty among team members.

Recruitment webinars are worth giving a try for many more reasons. Primarily, they’re a great opportunity to get to know better your candidates and examine many more of them than on traditional, face-to-face meetings.

What’s more, by providing a proper onboarding process and conducting regular trainings you can prevent possible loses. In today’s flexible and fast-paced working environment, employees tend to change their jobs more often than in the past. Luckily, by investing your time and energy into online trainings, you can decrease the chance that your employees will quit the job soon after starting.

With recruitment webinars you’re able to present all the prospects of collaborating with your company. Moreover, an online meeting environment is highly interactive, so you can easily underline all of the benefits of joining your company by sharing video clips, images and other media formats.

To experience all of the benefits of online recruiting, you just need to choose the right webinar software. By adding webinars to your company’s strategy, you will save time, money and simply take your hiring to a whole new level!

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