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Which are the world’s best countries for business?

by LLB Editor
17th Dec 15 9:12 am

The UK is just 10th on the list

The world’s best country to do business in is *drumroll please* Denmark.

On Forbes annual list of the top business destinations, Denmark is first for the second straight year and has appeared on it five times in eight years. It ranks well for personal and monetary freedom as well as low corruption.

The US ranks 22, down four spots from last year. It continues the country’s six-year slide from when it ranked No. 2 in 2009. The U.S. lost ground on taxes and investor protection.

The UK is at the tenth spot with its $2.9 trillion worth GDP.

Take a look at the full list here:

1 Denmark

2 New Zealand

3 Norway

4 Ireland

5 Sweden

6 Finland

7 Canada

8 Singapore

9 Netherlands

10 United Kingdom

11 Hong Kong

12 Switzerland

13 Iceland

14 Australia

15 Belgium

16 Portugal

17 Lithuania

18 Germany

19 Estonia

20 Slovenia

21 Taiwan

22 United States

23 Japan

24 Luxembourg

25 Israel


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