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What’s next for London’s iGaming tech sector?

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2nd Nov 22 2:14 pm

London has a huge technology sector catering to various industries. Yet one unsung hero when it comes to innovation is iGaming. More than just providers of entertainment software, the industry has been buoyant due to improvements in services and digital infrastructure. Below, we discuss what is next for London’s iGaming tech sector.

VR and The Metaverse

Not all technology has to be about how a game gets played. Part of iGamings innovative run has been much more related to the business and application side of things in the last few years. From improving payment gateways and safety when offering casino promotions and radical marketing schemes, it has always been at the forefront. This industry continually pushes the boundaries, offering even more choice and service to customers. Yet when any talk of technology comes to the table, there is always one subject everyone must address: VR and the Metaverse.

Meta / Newscom / Avalon

At a fundamental level, people are always going to want to see a roulette wheel spin and play their slots in the same way. Yet VR and the Metaverse could take this one step further, allowing a physical interaction not previously seen before. They could pull the arm of the slot machine or spin the wheel with differing levels of force. Surely a full virtual casino that can be walked around and experienced from a headset cannot be far away?

Social engagement

Visiting a physical casino is a very social experience. The interaction with others and the sounds and sights of the casino is hard to recreate on a device. This is despite the time and effort put into the graphical capabilities of games.

However, the iGaming industry has made moves to rectify this by introducing live dealers. These involve traditional table games where the croupier is in a studio. They stream the events to players, who can then decide and communicate them through the built-in software programs. It eliminates some of the “Single player experience” often found. This has proved so popular with players that new hybrid gameshow and casino titles have even begun to arrive, whereby people enter Vegas-style bonus rounds compared to real people.

Of course, this moves the problem from a single-player experience to a dual-player experience. A real recreation would be multiplayer, whereby all players and visitors to the tables could interact. The aforementioned metaverse could provide that.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term used to describe connectivity in everyday devices. These can be anything from toasters to home security and wearable technology. It is already making changes to how people communicate and interact. For example, smart technology has changed how people use their homes.

As wearable technology becomes more commonplace, it allows the iGaming industry a chance to market and advertise itself in different ways. Companies have already started to pioneer the use of small microgames. These fit into widgets which can discreetly be embedded, allowing people to play interactive adverts.

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