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What you need to know about uPVC French doors

by John Saunders
18th Sep 21 10:13 am

You can learn all the information you need to know before deciding what type of upgraded door you want for your home. Here are the essential key points when deciding between a uPVC French door or another option, such as composite doors.

Have realistic finishes: Functional and stylish (from titanium frames)

uPVC French doors come in a choice of finishes; from the deepest roughest stucco to shiny silver titanium – there’s something for everyone. But it doesn’t stop with variety: you can get your new door fitted precisely how you want in three different sizes. The new uPVC French doors come in a choice of two-panel designs. You can get the original designs that give you the best of both worlds, with top and bottom glass panels.

Three different styles are all extremely durable; from the uPVC French doors to UPVC Windows, you are sure to get one that pleases you. Each design is expertly created and crafted in the factory so that you can be sure of the highest standards. In addition, there is a selection that includes every type of design: decorative styles, plain panels, doors with side windows, or top lights.

A good first line of defence: Strong and secure

French doors are typically tall and weigh more than traditional hinged doors. However, a French door is durable enough to withstand climates and the wear and tear of daily use. With proper care, a French door can last for decades. In addition to durability, French doors have advanced locking features that make them essential in home security.

The most common locking system is the cam lock and deadbolt combo. With this type of hardware, you must turn both locks before opening or closing the door. However, this type of lock is very secure, and you can use it with a French or hinged door. A second option for locking French doors is the double-cylinder deadbolt. As its name suggests, this system features two locks: one on each side of the door that works in unison to provide home security.

Unique Designs: From woodgrain finishes to other elements

There are unique designs from wood grain finishes to other elements. You can design and manufacture these designs to your specifications to suit a specific purpose. It is all about getting the right door for your property, whatever that may be. Woodgrains are a great way to add some extra flair and character to your home. The customisation on the wood grain finishes gives them an authentic look that will last for years in all weathers. There are other features such as multiple glazing, and the uPVC French doors can be manufactured in any size, whatever your properties need.


For some, the budget will be the most crucial factor when choosing uPVC French doors. They can save you a lot of money over other door materials because they are not expensive to manufacture. Even if you have low expectations for your new exterior doors, these should meet them quickly while keeping their quality appearance and functionality.


uPVC French doors are a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. You can recycle uPVC windows, which means you’re reducing the impact on the planet in two ways: by using less material and ensuring that you do not throw away waste materials into landfill sites.

uPVC has exceptionally high thermal efficiency properties, meaning it keeps homes and businesses cool in the summer and warm during winter. The colour of uPVC French doors has a significant impact on their insulation properties, too: an increased R-value rating means better insulation.


There are many good reasons to invest in uPVC French doors. The way they look, how easy it is to keep them clean, and your family or visitors will appreciate the investment you make.

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