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What you need for an all-purpose study

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14th Dec 21 5:12 pm

The way we work has changed in the recent years due to the need to rely on our homes for most tasks. This has led many people with office jobs to transform their houses into a working space. A home study, however, is now more than just a place to work from home; it can also serve as a place to relax and go on your computer at your own leisure.

In this article, we will explain how you can build your ultimate multi-purpose home study and what are the essential items needed for it.

1. The work setup

When it comes to what you need to work, the first obvious thing is an office desk for you to use your computer on. This desk should be spacious enough to fit all of the items you need for your job. If you can have a separate leisure area, then you do not need to worry about space too much. However, if this corner is your entire at-home study, then it is preferred that you also have some space for snacks, drinks, books, and anything else you might use in your breaks.

Naturally, you also need an office chair. Make sure you choose the most comfortable one, as you will spend a big part of your day sitting on it. For your health, try to buy a chair with good back support, arm resting, and a good cushion.

If you use a lot of paperwork, a shredder might also be a good idea for an investment. This would help you to make sure that private information does not just end up in your regular paper bin at home.

2. The leisure setup

If you are fortunate enough that you have a whole room as your home office, you should take advantage and go all out. On one hand, you can designate a space just for relaxing, which is a good idea for taking small breaks throughout the day. On the other, having a leisure corner gives the room versatility, so that you can also use the room outside of working hours.

You can start by buying a coffee table, so you can have your breaks away from your computer. This gives you a change of scenery and is truly beneficial for your well-being.

If you plan to have people join you in your office during your breaks, or even for meetings, you can also invest in a guest chair, a couch, and a coat stand.


Even though it started as a necessity, people have quickly adapted to working from home and many companies and workers alike have decided to continue down this path going forward. If you are considering whether or not to make the move, take this as a sign to utilise your home as your workspace and cut down on the annoying traffic and overpriced coffee in the mornings.

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