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What KPIs should I be tracking on TikTok?

by Sarah Dunsby
5th Apr 23 6:02 pm

If you’re using TikTok for your business, it’s essential to know which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track to measure your success on the platform. To understand this better, collaborate with a digital marketing company to give you a helping hand. TikTok is a social media platform that has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s an excellent platform for brands to connect with their target audience.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top KPIs you should track on TikTok.

Followers and engagement rates

The number of followers you have on TikTok is one of the most basic metrics to track, and it’s easy to understand why. Followers are an essential metric because the more followers you have, the more potential people you can reach with your content. However, followers alone aren’t enough to measure your success on TikTok. You need to measure engagement rates, which are the number of likes, comments, and shares you receive on your videos. High engagement rates indicate that your audience is enjoying and interacting with your content.

Video views

Video views are a crucial KPI on TikTok. Video views are the number of times your video has been viewed on the platform. High video views indicate that your content is being shared and people are interested in what you’re posting. Keep in mind that video views don’t tell the whole story. It’s possible to have high video views but low engagement rates, which indicates that people are watching your videos but not engaging with them.

Hashtag performance

Hashtags are essential on TikTok because they help categorise your content and make it easier for people to find your videos. By tracking your hashtag performance, you can see which hashtags generate the most views and engagement. You can also use hashtag analytics to find new hashtags to include in your posts.

Audience demographics

Understanding your audience demographics is essential to creating content that resonates with your followers. By tracking your audience demographics, you can see the age, gender, location, and interests of your audience. This information can help you create content that appeals to your audience’s interests and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Traffic sources

It’s essential to track where your traffic is coming from on TikTok. TikTok offers four main sources of traffic: For You Page, Following, Search, and Discover. The For You Page is where most users discover new content on TikTok, and it’s essential to track how many people are discovering your content through this source. The Following tab shows how many people view your content because they follow you. The Search tab shows how many people discover your content through keyword searches. Finally, the Discover tab shows how many people discover your content through curated content categories.

Conversion rates

The ultimate goal of any social media strategy is to convert followers into customers. By tracking your conversion rates, you can see how many people are visiting your website, signing up for your newsletter, or making a purchase. Conversion rates can help you determine the effectiveness of your TikTok strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Impressions and reach

Impressions and reach are two KPIs that are closely related. The number of times your content is displayed on TikTok is measured in impressions. Reach is the number of unique users who have seen your content. Impressions and reach are essential metrics because they indicate how far your content spreads on the platform. High impressions and reach mean that your content is being shared and has the potential to go viral.


TikTok is a powerful social media platform that can help your business reach a new audience. By tracking the right KPIs, you can measure your success on the platform and make data-driven decisions about your social media strategy. Remember to track your followers and engagement rates, video views, hashtag performance, audience, traffic, conversions and impressions and reach!

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