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What is the European Night of Museums?

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30th Nov 22 2:39 pm

European Night of Museums allows everyone to look at the contents of the famous galleries and museums by the light of the moon. This is an international cultural event dedicated to International Museum Day, during which you can see museum expositions at night.

On this special night, many museums are open to visitors after sunset and almost until morning. The main goal of the action is to show the resource, opportunities, and potential of modern museums. In addition, this event helps to attract young people to museums as organizers often not only leave the museum for the night but also arrange something like a party and a show in front of the museum building.

The event is held annually in May on the night of the second or third Sunday of the month. If your trip does not coincide with the dates of the night, artdevivre is exactly what you need. Although the Night of Museums is a popular event due to the very limited duration, it allows enjoying only permanent exhibitions and currently presented works.

However, with Art De Vivre, you can follow the updates of the exhibitions. The platform gives you everything you need:

  • Exhibition venue
  • Exhibition date
  • Brief description

Of course, the platform adds an announcement about the upcoming Night of Museums to the calendar so that you can plan your trip in advance.

For some reason, the perception of many things that we are used to seeing only in daylight changes at night. In the dark, new sides of familiar things are highlighted, and it is possible to change your mind about anything. So, if you get such a unique opportunity to look at different works of art at night, it is simply impossible to miss. Especially since art opens up in a new way every time.

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